The word gamify is a relatively new term. The most common definition describes it as the process of making events or activities more engaging and enjoyable with gaming elements such as points, badges, levels, competition, and rewards. Gamifying an event has been proven to have many benefits, including team bonding, increased participation rates, and improved customer engagement. In this blog post, we will explore seven types of events you can gamify!

What is event gamification?

Event gamification is a powerful way to make events feel like games relevant for your participants. These events might be team-building events, trade show booth setup, sales conference agenda planning, photo contests, or any other event you might be hosting.

Gamification uses game-like techniques to make tasks more engaging, either by adding entertaining content or participating in an activity that feels like a competition and awarding prizes for winning.

Event gamification helps people get excited about events they may not otherwise pay attention to – it can convince them to avail of your products or services or participate in your circumstances.

It’s not just a tool for businesses – event gamification is powerful because it helps engage your team members and create an environment where everyone feels like they are part of the game. 

When to gamify your event?

Gamifying your event will depend on what you are trying to accomplish.

Suppose you want people to be more engaged with a topic. In that case, gamification can help because it creates an experience everyone will enjoy together–whether or not they completely understand the subject matter at hand.

If your event goals include team building and collaboration, gamifying events can help foster a more collaborative environment. If you want people to be physically active, gamifying events will make it easier for them. They may help motivate them throughout the event–even if they weren’t planning on exercising beforehand.

Team Building Event

Team building event gamification is the art of turning business events into video games.

For example, use a scavenger hunt to have teams work together and find hidden clues in different areas of your venue for points. You can also set up checkpoints with challenges where they must complete tasks or riddles before continuing on their way – if completed successfully, give them additional rewards and incentives to reach the next checkpoint.

Play on other themes, too! For example, attendees could get sets of questions with clues that lead them to find prizes hidden in specific areas.

Tradeshow Booth Setup

You can gamify tradeshow booth setup by using gamification software. You can create different events, with each event contributing to the overall goal of booth setup success.

For example, if five events and three need to finish before the time runs out, the team members have more motivation because they know they only have two left after it is over. Or creating a tradeshow series that has a different theme or design in each event will be something that attendees look forward to.

This gamification software can also help you track the progress of events and show how close they are to finishing compared with other events. This way, team members know where their strengths lie.


Photo Contests

You can gamify events by hosting contests and photo-sharing competitions. You can also gamify your event with a scavenger hunt or offer rewards for attendees who participate in specific tasks at the event.

A gamified photo contest can be suitable for weddings, business conferences, and photo contests. The best option is to gamify your event in a way that complements the theme of your event or the message you want to communicate.

Gamification software can be easily integrated with existing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, so attendees will know how they are doing as they participate in events. You can also ask them to send you the best photo they took at the conference during one session, wedding reception, or trade show booth. The first ones to complete the tasks get rewards accordingly.


You can gamify bingo by adding rewards and a leaderboard or allowing players to win free prizes. Give the first person who finishes the bingo card a bonus (cash, gift cards, game codes). You can also have those that end second in line get something smaller and “second place” t-shirts or other tokens.

Product Launch or Demo

Product launch is a great way to generate interest in a product. You can gamify this event by rewarding participants for their attendance and time with prizes, discounts, or other incentives.

Web-based games are a perfect choice because they require little effort for the host and don’t take up physical space like traditional games. 

However, if you will gamify the event, you should also consider how to gamify the product. To do this, think about what makes people want your product and consider adding those elements in a fun way that will entice them on an emotional level.

Asking customers for input or feedback is one technique to gamify your product launch or demo.



Gamified raffle draws are a great way to generate publicity and create interest in a product or service. One of the most popular ways is simple raffle draws, but there are many other types.

Raffles are applicable for events like concerts, shows, sports games, etc. People must first purchase tickets before they’re eligible to win prizes – this can further engage the audience and increase ticket sales.

Another gamified raffle draw is the sweepstakes, popular in events or a marketing tool to boost brand awareness. You may also see them during holiday seasons like Christmas, where people use them to raise funds to buy presents for children of low-income families. 

Trivia or Online Quiz Shows

You can gamify trivia or online quiz shows by using gamification software. Simply take an old-school game show and use the questions as your content. You can ask a gamification software provider to design the game to tie the questions to your overall content.

It can be more exciting if you will add a timer. You can also decorate the quiz with your company logo or colors. If you are using gamification software, there is no need to worry about hosting a live event because everything will be hosted online and managed by the provider of the game show package that you have chosen for this project. 


In Conclusion

Any events can be gamified with the right software provider. It can help businesses attract more customers and more leads since most consumers are digitally inclined. If you want to gamify your upcoming events, contact our Cluehub specialist.

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