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Incredible Possibilities For Multiple Use Cases

Start out with our ready-to-play game templates and scale Cluehub to your customer or user demands within remote, distributed, or hybrid environments. The Cluehub Games can be tailored as gamification complement, game-based learning, simulation game, or serious game. Our one-of-a-kind ecosystem allows companies like yours to execute our virtual gamification platform in a large variety of use cases with customizable features.

Our web-based games are compatible with most of video-conference software

Zoom and Cluehub
Slack and Cluehub
Google Hangouts and Cluehub
Skype and Cluehub
MS Teams and Cluehub

Team Building

When you implement Cluehub in team-building activities, co-workers get to know team members, build trust within the team, improve teamwork and cooperation, raise communication skills, and strengthen soft skills. Cluehub features encourage collaboration, improve morale, motivation, and reinforce an enjoyable virtual co-working space.

Ideal for:

  • NProduct Launch
  • NMilestone Celebration
  • NTeam Bonding Activities

Special Features:

Live Actor


3D Rooms


Team Building use case

Virtual Meeting & Events

Virtual meeting and event use case
As a meeting and event complement, colleagues feel connected, bonded, retain hard-digestive information, stay motivated, positive, and enhance their teamwork. Cluehub features help to increase engagement, promote interactivity, and raise the fun spirit and healthy competition.

Ideal for:

  • NCompany Party
  • NInternal Presentation
  • NLunch Break
  • NStand-up Meeting
  • NCoffee Time
  • NHappy Hour
  • NBirthday Party
Special features:
g Customizable Riddles
Team Bonding

Training & Development

As a game-based training addition, employees remain engaged, retain information, learn by doing, digest complex topics easier, and sharpen their technical and soft skills. Cluehub features make learning more fun, interactive, enhance commitment, and dive employees into immersive adventures while discovering the demand of their training.

Suitable for:

  • NInternal Education Program
  • NTeam Training
  • NNew Hire Training
  • NSales Training
  • NPartner Training
  • NCompliance Training
  • NSimulation Practice
Special features:
Progress Indicator

Support Material

Incentive Rewards
Play virtual team building in groups


Discuss the virtual team building game in main meeting
Complementing your onboarding process with our gamification platform, new employees feel committed, motivated, and engaged. Cluehub features provide all new employees an immersive and fun onboarding process to experience the company culture, get to know their co-workers, and better understand the demands of their role.

Ideal for:

  • NRole and Tasks Induction
  • NCompany Culture Grasp
  • NBusiness Operation Learning
  • NCompany Goals Introduction
Special features:
Support Material
Simulation Riddles

Add a Cluehub Host to your Event and Create Outstanding Digital Experiences


Our gamification platform helps to improve the recruiting process by recognizing candidates’ skills, increasing their engagement, reducing the interview process anxiety, improving the interview quality, and helping to cut short lengthy interviews. With our gamification features, you can evaluate skills, measure qualitative and quantitative results, and record total time.

Suitable for:

  • NHR Departments
  • NRecruiting Agencies
Special features:
Business Material
Riddle Hint & Solution
Cluehub for Recruitment

Virtual Fair & Conference

Virtual Fairs and Conferences

As an add-on for fairs & conferences, Cluehub perfectly breaks the ice and engages the attendees among themselves and with the topic. It encourages attendees to work together and perform common goals while having fun. Attendees can also play individually.

Perfect for:

  • NExpo & Conference
  • NFair
  • NSeminar
  • NSummit
  • NTrade Show
  • NWorkshop
Special features:
Email Collection
UI Customization
Data Protection
1 Player Version possible

Marketing & Branding

Cluehub offers a scalable solution for marketing and branding objectives, as users get up to 10x more engaged and feel more connected with brands. Thanks to the expansion possibilities of the game features, companies can perform lead generation campaigns, raise ROI, increase retention, and partner with other organizations—all in a fun and innovative approach.

Great complement for:

  • NInternal Education Program
  • NTeam Training
  • NNew Hire Training
  • NSales Training
  • NBusiness Training
  • NCompliance Training
  • NSimulation Practice
Special Features:
Email Collection
Data Analysis
Product Placement
UI Customization
3D Room
,arketing and branding

Educational Learning

Introduce the online team building

As an education-based learning addition, students gain a competitive feeling, get engaged, feel motivated, improve their proactivity and interactivity, and the lessons are more fun. Cluehub combines immersive elements with interactive riddles, all within mission stories where students can play in teams and enhance their knowledge.

Excellent complement for:

  • NLanguage Lessons
  • NAcademic Modules
  • NSimulation Training
  • NTest Preparation
  • NTopic Reinforcement
Special features:
Immersive Narrative Elements
Progress Indicators
Help Desk
Level up Challenges
Support Material

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