Virtual Escape Games: Why It Matters in Employee Productivity this 2021

Mar 29, 2021 | Company Events, Team Management

Staying at home may have affected our productivity. The long lockdowns have changed our daily routine and lifestyle, affecting our performance when we work. However, the ‘new normal’ lifestyle had forced people to adapt to should not affect our work productivity.


To help you get back on your feet and be as productive as before, we’ll share with you the tips and tricks to improve employee productivity with your remote team. Likewise, we’ll explain how an escape room can improve a person’s productivity even though you’re a remote employee.

This blog is not just the usual know-how of using an escape room platform. That’s because what we’ll be sharing is the connection between improving productivity while having fun with a virtual escape room. Read and enjoy.


What is Employee Productivity?

Since 70% of the global workforce has to work from home and most managers have to lead their employees from their home’s comforts. The issue of employee productivity is always a topic.

Employee productivity doesn’t mean that your employee should do their duties for long hours to achieve your business’s milestone. It is maximising time in completing a task to achieve the expected outcome.

Identifying the barriers that may affect your team to complete the task and understanding its difficulty is essential. It helps you to determine the employee productivity of your remote teams. Ultimately, it allows you to put up a better strategy for how you and your team can achieve the business goals with the resources.

How Employee Productivity is Measured


How is Employee Productivity Measured?

Your employee’s productivity matters because it’s the fuel that powers your business towards reaching your goals, i.e., increasing sales, boost traffic, improving brand visibility, etc. Since most business operations shifted from physical transactions to remote activity, measuring the workforce’s productiveness should be reconsidered.

Employee productivity can be measured through:

    • Objective-based productivity method – Your remote team is given specific goals and tasks to complete. The results or the output of the goals given are then measured and evaluated on how and what way it had contributed to the company’s objective and achieving the goals.
    • Output-based productivity method – This productivity measurement method is the most straightforward and easy to track because it is output-based. Meaning, your team’s productivity depends on how many calls, requests, sales, etc., they have processed in an hour, day, week, or month. It’s highly recommended to small businesses.
    • Profit-based productivity method – The profit-based method of measuring productivity is the easiest to observe. That’s because when the revenue increases, it means that your team is productive.

Profit-based productivity method


But let’s face it. Productivity diminishes when your employees are burned out from work. Burnout happens when there’s monotony at the workplace and your employees have no other way to channel their energy other than work.

And since social gathering is still prohibited at this time. Virtual escape games are the most recommended way to boost and strengthen productivity in the company. Here’s why.

The Role of Virtual Escape Game in Boosting Productivity in the Workplace

Virtual escape games are not for gamers and streamers alone. Your friends and family, as well as your company, can form a virtual team and play. Playing escape room games regardless of the occasion has a bunch of benefits.

It’s the perfect digital escape for people who can’t be outdoors due to lockdowns but are longing for adventures. Other than the leisure benefits that escape rooms provide, they can also boost productivity in the workplace.

As a means of boosting work productivity, it…

  • Gives full emphasis on critical soft skills improvement while having fun, especially when the virtual escape room is designed according to your company goals. Soft skills that eventually develop and improve are
    • teamwork,
    • time management,
    • networking,
    • creative thinking,
    • conflict resolution,
    • adaptability
    • communication skills,
    • listening skills, and
    • dependability

These soft skills are further enhanced when the escape rooms used as a team-building activity or as an ice breaker to virtual events are designed with the company’s goal in mind. Best of all, it becomes more challenging when they play against time.

  • Makes it easier and fun the introduction to the latest technology used for remote tasks. It alleviates the feeling of missing out and the anxiety among senior employees because they can’t follow the latest technology. With online escape rooms that offer a different kind of online experience, using Zoom, Skype, and other video conferencing software. Using this technology is much easier with users being exposed to it.
  • Changes employee’s perspective on accomplishing tasks positively and more efficiently. Virtual escape rooms are filled with exciting puzzles to solve, hidden clues to find, and other tasks that require working together. These features change a person’s outlook towards completing tasks and achieving goals. With those tasks, they get to experience working with the team on pressing matters in a short time.
  • Gives a different meaning to what team building is in the new normal. It helps people anywhere in the world better understand that collaboration is possible in a virtual way. It encourages people to incorporate technology in accomplishing their duties. It also builds trust among the team because they can achieve anything virtually as long as they work together.

employees perspective on accomplishing tasks positively


Productivity Techniques You Can Learn from Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual escape adventures tap on your hidden skills as you play to complete the game. The escape room experience allows you to develop and use productivity techniques that you can apply at work and with your daily life. Some of these techniques are:

  1. Tracking your time when accomplishing tasks.
  2. Taking breaks in between.
  3. Setting a milestone and committing yourself to the deadline.
  4. Avoiding multitasking
  5. Focusing on consistency and delivery of results.
  6. Do mental exercises when you solve puzzles.
  7. Taking a proactive approach in eliminating possible threats that can hinder you in achieving your goals.


Best Virtual Escape Room for Productivity Improvement

Cluehub is a versatile gamification service when it comes to bringing people together for business or personal matters through escape room adventures. It’s an online escape room gamification platform that can run remote team-building events, meetings, fairs, online trade shows, and more regardless of the number of players simultaneously.

What makes Cluehub one of the best virtual escape room to play for productivity improvement is that:

  • You can use the self-hosted online team-building platform games with your friends, family, and colleagues as a breakout from everyday work. It’s a digital escape game room that lets you have a wonderful experience and adventure.
  • The gamification platform can also be hosted by your company with multiple teams (for instance, eight players per virtual team) for a professionally organised and fun digital escape room experience.
  • The best part of using the Cluehub gamification platform is that you can ask for customised rooms to align with your particular needs. Are you going to host a summit for a large number of participants or play with your relatives as part of your annual family reunion? Get in touch with a Cluehub gamification specialist right away!

Check out the pricing per person, so you’ll know what escape game room package suits your budget.



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FAQs: Virtual Escape Rooms

To better understand what virtual escape rooms can do and make a person, we’ll answer frequently asked questions about online escape room games.


What is a virtual escape room game?

A virtual escape room game is a web-based gamification platform that can be conducted via Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and other related software. As an add-on to online events or virtual team building, remote players must solve puzzles, decipher secret messages, or look for clues to complete a game in a limited time, usually 60 minutes or so.

Frequently, escape rooms feature different themes and stories with mystery crime, the gold rush, and intelligence agents as some of the most popular themes of escape games. Teams (usually six players) must play collaboratively to meet the primary goal, which is to “escape the game”.

It is operated and played as part of a gathering activity or as an add-on to B2C and B2B events. You can host it personally or ask a game master to host and organise the escape room for you.


How much does a virtual escape room cost?

Online escape rooms come in subscription packages between $15,000 to $100,000. However, if you’re looking for a subscription package per person, Cluehub offers their game subscription for as low as 15EU ($18) with their self-hosted online escape game.

Suppose you prefer to have a Game Master to oversee the game so that everyone can experience it and have fun. In that case, Cluehub offers a package with game support for 25EU ($30) per person and an additional 300EU for the game master who will host the escape room game – to which game masters are recommended if you have 50 remote participants.


How do you make a virtual escape room?

The online escape room’s design features are based on the age group, objective, and difficulty of the tasks to complete. Companies who subscribe to escape room gamification can request customisation of multiple rooms that are aligned with their company objectives so that the gaming experience is much different from the usual escape game played in outdoor settings.

Virtual escape rooms are also applicable to other use cases, particularly online onboardings, digital training, digital customer and marketing events, as well as eLearning/education purposes.



Virtual escape rooms are similar to physical escape rooms when it comes to gameplay and adventures to experience. The only difference is that virtual escape rooms are hosted with remote teams, and the players can be from anywhere in the world. Plus, it helps you practice using different software essential to your work.

Escape games are also one of the best bonding activities for friends and family looking for a different kind of adventure that’s entertaining and educational. It’s playable for a short time, and it isn’t dragging.