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Cluehub is a game-based Solution aimed at onboarding, building, and strengthening remote teams. Our online games for business are designed to enable corporations worldwide to connect with their teams, brands, customers, and more in an easy, fun, and playful way. From games for single players to teams with 10,000+ players, Cluehub has a game ready to meet your team and company goals.

200.000+ Yearly Players from businesses around the world trust Cluehub to create outstanding Remote Games and Gamification Experiences for Teams.

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How Does it work?

We make corporate events & learning fun and easy. With Cluehub gamification and serious games, players connect online from their computers as single players or in teams and solve an immersive mission.  Players work together to crack tricky puzzles while they also learn and have fun. Time limit, score, rewards, hints, skills, teamwork and motivation are part of the game. Think of it like an Escape Room, but online and for businesses.


The Perfect Solution for Online Team-Building with Many Uses

Cluehub is built to support your team events, corporate training, virtual meetings, and much more. Just select the use that best supports your needs to find the perfect game.

Ready-to-Play Immersive Games Tailored Toward Your Needs

Our fun, high-quality, and ready-to-play games are perfect for remote teams. We offer a library of games of different genres and use cases, so there’s a game for every kind of company and every kind of need.

Powerful Customization Options

Customizable and ready-to-play cluehub games perfect for remote team building, onboarding, marketing and branding, recruitment, education and training

All Cluehub games can be fully customized to meet your needs. We can change or add customized riddles, include your logo to the experience, or build a completely customized game—the possibilities are nearly endless. Get in touch with us to learn more about our customization options.

Why Cluehub is your best choice

The Advantages of Gamification & Serious Games for Your Company

  • NIncrease creativity and cohesion
  • NPlay instantly with 1,000+ people
  • NStrengthen communication, motivation, and teamwork
  • NParticipants are independent of location
  • NUse any communication platform
  • NCustomize your game to fit your needs

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