Let´s create outstanding Digital Team Games together

Cluehub is a Online Games Platform for distributed and remotely working teams. With our ready-to-play games and customized solutions we provide a stable ecosystem and market-proofed technology. To create outstanding digital experiences we partner with the best-in-class agencies, event- and content companies to drive change in various industries.

Why you should partner with Cluehub

As a long-term player in the field of gaming solutions for B2B, we experienced the recent changes within the event and corporate learning business first-hand: The trend toward hybrid and digital events and experiences. We are looking for professional partners who want to join us on this journey. As a Premium Digital Game, Content or Event Provider, you have the chance to compete on the market as one of the few fully managed game solution providers in the industry.

As a partner, you will be taught the necessary know-how to ensure you and your team have everything you need to create outstanding digital games and events for your clients. After completing our “onboarding” program, you will be in the perfect position to host your clients’ games and events yourself.

What others say about us

Richard Toquet

CBR Team Building France

“Cluehub offers the best in class Online Escape Games and Gamification Software Platform. The platform is reliable and flexible and the team is very supportive. Our customers are absolutely thrilled and the partnership with Cluehub opens up new and exciting possibilities.”

Grow with Various Use Cases

Team Building

Our games are ideal for Remote Team Building Events, Product Launches,  Milestone Celebrations and many more.

virtual fair and conference

Online Christmas Events

Our Games ideally fit for Christmas Team Events. You can easily customize them towards your customers needs.

remote training

Remote Trainings

Gamify Onboarding Processes, Internal Education Programs and Team Training with digital and fun experiences.

Virtual Meetings

Bring up to the e-Table a fun game while having a Lunch Break, Stand-up Meeting, Coffee Time, Happy Hour, or Birthday Party.

Learn how the Cluehub Partnership works!

Amazing Advantages with the Cluehub Platform for your Business

  • NGrow Your Revenue
  • NBenefit from our Experience
  • NQuick Start with Ready to Play Games
  • NHigh Quality Content, Riddles and Graphics
  • NAccess to the most advanced Gamification Platform
  • NHighly Scalable: Thousands of Players simultanously
  • NEasy and Quick Customization Process
  • NMultiple Languages Available
  • NFully Customizable

Become a Cluehub Partner

You are a professional and established event-, content- or service-provider and want to know more about our solutions and how we can work together? Contact us now and learn about the possibilities.