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What is Custom Gamification?


Cluehub provides custom-made online games that use your unique content. Unlike a simple quiz, Cluehub games are more interactive and engaging for a wide range of target groups and use cases. Based on the famous concept of Escape Rooms, we embed your content into an engaging story, exciting riddles, and immersive 3D worlds. Whether for Team events, training, or more, the opportunities are endless.

A Game Tells More Than 1,000 Images

Visualize Your Content and address your target group with a new and modern format: A Digital Online Escape Game!

The Perfect Gamification Platform with Multiple Use Cases


Team events, corporate training and development, virtual meetings, recruiting, onboarding, and more. With Cluehub, you can do it all. Whatever content you have, we will help you to gamify it! Whatever goals you have, we will help you achieve them!

Impress Players with Unique Riddles and Incredible 3D Graphics

Players just need a Computer, Browser and Internet. No installation is required!


Branding Options

Add your logo to your game experience and connect your players to your brand. White-label options are available upon request.

Single Player or in Teams

Whether playing one-by-one or in teams, both formats are possible, depending on your use case.


Simplify the player experience: embed your game into your software system and let players stay in one place.

Communication Platforms

We support various online communication platforms like Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google, and more.

Flexible Playing Time

The possibilities are nearly endless: from 10 minutes to 90 minutes or more. We will tailor your experience to your requirements.

Custom Story and Riddles

We will connect your content with an exciting story and thrilling riddles tailored to your target group and use case.

Custom Design and UI

The game content and UI can be customized towards your demands and/or corporate identity.

Backend with Analytics

To fully understand the behavior of your players, we provide a robust backend.

Customizable For Any Industry

Integrated into several industries to improve their events and training results.





Quick Development Process

With our highly experienced team and advanced Cluehub gamification software platform, we can deliver your game at the highest possible quality in the shortest time and for an attractive price.


In this stage, we will evaluate your needs and goals and create an initial idea for your individual game experience.



Based on the Idea, we create a detailed concept for your online escape game and implement your feedback.


After approving the concept, we produce a prototype for you that you and your team and free to play and test.


Final Game

Based on your last feedback, we finalize the design and content of your personalized game, and you are ready to launch!

Implement Cluehub As

Gamification Solution

Game-Based Learning

Serious Game

Download our complete guide to learn which solution better covers your business objectives.

Cluehub Data Security and Protection

The security of your data is the be-all and end-all for us. That’s why our tech team has worked hard to implement the highest security standards for you. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and guarantee the highest possible server stability.

Benefits For Your Company

  • NDeliver your content in a fun and engaging way
  • NHigh-quality content, riddles, and graphics
  • NCan be played instantly with 1,000+ people
  • NFully web-based—no download required
  • NEnable playful remote learning
  • NQuick customization process
  • NMultiple languages possible

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