Online Escape Games: An Exciting Virtual Event Add-on or a Good Marketing Study Tool?

Mar 4, 2021 | Virtual Fair & Conference, Online Escape Game

Face-to-face events are all fun and memories until the pandemic came. It took away the most exciting parts in every socio-business gathering which are meeting new friends, onboarding fresh investors, and gaining valuable insights that help you improve your business operation and customer service.

Since business operations must still go on despite the spread of the coronavirus, drastic changes were made that forces people to adopt it. One of these changes is hosting and attending virtual conferences.  However, with the number of virtual events that people must attend every day, the routine became monotonous and boring.

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So if you’re looking for ways to liven up a virtual event while trying to learn more about your target market, online escape games are some of the worthy add-ons and a marketing study tool to include in your events. Here’s why.

1. Escape game gamification platforms allow you to customize and edit online escape games to align with your company’s mission and vision.

Cluehub, one of the online escape game pioneers, allows its subscribers to edit their predefined games without the need for programming skills. Their online editor enables you to have full control of designing the escape game that you’d like to add to your event. In this way, it gives more personality to the designed escape game intended for your company event.

Best of all, their platform permits you to track the progress of your participants and reveal the final score.


2. Escape games can enhance brand visibility through connects and engagement.

Adding an online escape game to your event can boost your brand’s visibility because you connect with your participants through the add-ons that spark their curiosity to learn more about your brand. By solving customized puzzles that are based on your event’s theme and your participants’ interest, brand engagement becomes easy and effective.

Showcase the materials that you use to make clay pot lessons fun and easy

3. Escape games break the monotony in long hours of sitting in virtual events.

Have you ever attended a virtual team-building activity where all you have to do is to click the raise hand buttons or wave flags as a way of responding to the pop-up questions of your guest speakers? Yet, at the end of the session, it doesn’t even make an impact on you?

You can make virtual team building even more exciting with escape games that break the deadly routine of boring virtual programs that doesn’t challenge you at all. The game features of your escape experience rely on how you will design it, when, and how long will it be implemented within the virtual team building session.


4. Surprise online games in between sessions keep your participants attentive during the event.

Must solve puzzles and unexpected challenging games with prizes to win at the end of the session can be an exciting catch of your event. It helps in making your participants focus and interact in your event. It makes conveying your brand message easier because your audience is paying attention at the same time. Best of all, it serves as a fun ice breaker to every online event you’ll be hosting.

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5. Escape games inclusion make follow-up events an exciting event to anticipate.

When you host an event with escape games included, posting a sneak peek of your event in your social media accounts can grab attention. It intrigues people to get to know about your company and what events do you host.

So the next time you’d be hosting an event, a lot of people will be interested to join to experience what it feels like to participate in your event.

Also, your previous attendees will surely recommend your services and events that you organize for the great memories they had with you.


6. Including escape games in your event gives a positive impression on your company.

It gives the impression that your business is technologically-ready and is open to many changes and improvements. Best of all, it allows you to showcase what your company is capable of which is an advantage if you’re seeking to add more investors or wants to increase your following and sales.


7. Escape games spark creativity in your participants and employees joining the event.

The best escape games always challenge people and spark creativity to solve them. It is at this moment where people realize what they can do when they team up with colleagues and overcome challenges in an environment they’re not familiar with. And at the end of the session, everyone attains a sweet victory.

Team Building use case

If physical team-building activities can spark creativity in people, online escape games can do, too, especially if the end goal is always clear from the start.


8. Virtual events with add-on escape games become a whole new learning experience because it develops creativity and problem-solving skills.

Most people attend virtual conferences to get a new learning experience that can upgrade their skills, improve their quality of living or expand their business.

Adding software features, particularly the best escape games, for creative thinking and problem-solving development encourages people to use different problem-solving tactics. Such addition makes people creative in approaching a problem.

Thus, the next time they face a similar problem in real life or at work, they become confident in handling difficult situations and be able to pass judgments with ease and fairness.


9. Escape games based on your business goals allow you to identify the preferences of your target audiences while providing education and entertainment.

Escape games add the mystery of excitement to your events and when it comes to problem-solving puzzles, people love it.

Scientifically speaking, solving a puzzle, deciphering mystery games, and completing an escape game can lift a person’s spirit. The joy that these online games bring to people encourages them to voice out what they think and feel about the whole event. And this is a good sign.

Online onboarding through virtual onboarding games

It enables companies to determine the ever-changing needs of their target consumers and their capacity to buy. If you’re on the stage of redesigning your goals and business strategies to improve your bottom line amidst the pandemic, online events are a good marketing tool to identify important variables for adjustment and abandonment.



Online escape games are not only designed to pass time. It is developed to challenge people in different situations and be able to hone their creativity and problem-solving skills. These skills are crucial life skills that a person must possess, especially at this challenging time.

Since most people are working from home, pairing online escape games with virtual events is a great way to break the monotony in everyday life. Ultimately, it allows companies to learn more about their market even though most of the events will be hosted online.

So if you’re planning to launch a product or host an event, adding mystery puzzle games and escape games to your event is easy. Talk to our gamification platform experts today to get started.


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