Face-to-face conferences of large members are since 2020 restricted in numerous countries. It means the contact between workers has been reduced to a minimum: the chance for small talk in the kitchen area, stories from the weekend at lunch, and also even the hilarious co-worker from the surrounding office have disappeared.

To guarantee the bond to the company and between colleagues in a remote environment is not an impossible labor, there are Virtual Team Building activities, the trend of 2021.

What is Virtual Team Building?

 If co-workers cannot meet in the real world, online team building is about producing a feeling of unity amongst workers. Online team events are particularly crucial in times of a pandemic to make sure that nobody certainly feels isolated.

While some employees feel comfortable working from home, others might experience significant inspiration troubles. To prevent this, businesses can conduct digital Team Building events.

What are the benefits of Virtual Team Building?

Similar to standard Team Building activities, Online Team Games are developed to identify and strengthen the abilities of workers and to be fun. The participants boost their skills, such as:

  • Their interaction
  • Their ability to address problems
  • Their group cohesion 

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The bottom line is to maintain the high team inspiration while working from home. Companies additionally take advantage of this: Happy staff members are productive staff members. This is confirmed by several studies, such as this study by Oxford University.

Online Team Building events have much more advantages for companies: 

  • They are less expensive than typical activities
  • There are neither traveling expenses nor time lost. 
  • There aren’t catering expenses, for example, a visit to a restaurant.

What Online Team Building activities are available today?

From quizzes, hangouts to escape games, practically any kind of team building event can also occur online. Virtual escape games are specifically prominent as training for remote groups.

Like in a real escape room, 2 to 5 participants play as a team, follow a marvellous story as well as resolve puzzles together. The uniqueness of an online escape game like “Cluehub Remote Escape Game” is that the riddles must actually be solved as a team. The players therefore have to communicate a lot with each other and combine different clues in order to be successful. This way a special team feeling develops during the challenging and fun mission.

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How many people can participate?

This is one of the most powerful points of all: Virtual Escape Games work completely for huge groups. No matter if the group consists of 20 or 2,000 participants, the sky is the limit.

Even if you intend to organize a last-minute Team Building event, we’ve got you covered. We can set up our ready-to-play virtual escape games in the blink of an eye for you, no matter the number of teams or participants. All teams will have the very same remarkable gaming and group experience.

Our virtual group activities are extremely easy to host. You, as well as your group, can play an already prepared game or guide us on your specific goals as well as demands. We will certainly give you the best team game experience never imagined in a virtual world.