How to Gamify your 4th of July Plans

Jun 14, 2021 | Company Events, Gamification, Online Escape Game, Team Building

You’ve got a long 4th of July weekend coming up, but you’re not sure how to spend it. 

It’s hot out there, and all your friends want to do is stay inside and watch Netflix. Your last summer vacation was so much fun that you don’t know where to start this year!

We have the perfect solution for you! Online escape games resemble real-life video games in which players solve puzzles or clues using their wits and teamwork. The best part? These escape rooms can be played from anywhere because they’re online! 

Why not try one out with your family or friends this holiday weekend? 


Here are some ideas for great ways to celebrate America’s birthday.


1. Play the new escape game “Operation Mindfall.”

You want to enjoy the city, but you don’t have time for a tour. You need something fun and exciting but not too demanding on your schedule. 

Operation Mindfall is the perfect solution! In this AR game, you will be part of an elite team tasked with saving the world from imminent destruction. As a player, your job is to solve puzzles and complete challenges to reach each checkpoint before time runs out. 

The best part? It all takes place right here in your city! We’ll send you coordinates or choose a preferred location so that you can explore at your own pace—no matter where you are or what mode of transportation you prefer (walking, driving). 

This unique experience offers players physical and mental exercise while providing them with an unforgettable adventure through their favorite cities!



2. Create a fun and creative ice cream sundae with your favorite toppings

It is hard to come up with a fourth of July party idea that is fun and delicious. You want to have an ice cream sundae party, but you are worried about the cost and mess. 



An ice cream sundae party will be accessible on your wallet because it can be done in bulk or, even better, as a potluck where everyone brings their favorite toppings. The cleanup for this event will take no time since there won’t be any dishes to wash! There’s nothing like a scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with sprinkles and chocolate syrup drizzled over crushed graham crackers while celebrating America’s independence day!


3. Have an outdoor picnic in the backyard or at the park

Picnics are one of the most iconic activities that families and friends can enjoy outdoors. You’ll need a picnic blanket, food to share with your guests, chairs, or benches for sitting on if you’re not comfortable lying down during your meal time out in nature. 

You might want to bring drinks as well! To keep things organized when preparing for an outdoor gathering, it is best to have containers like disposable plates and cups. Hence, there isn’t any confusion about who was responsible for bringing what item. 

It’s also essential that before starting the party, everyone agrees on where they will be eating their lunch (either at home or outside). Finally, make sure everything fits inside the container because this reduces messes after people finish up all of their delicious snacks.



4. Watch fireworks on TV or go to see them live 

Watching fireworks live is always a good idea, but it can be boring if you are alone.

You can have a more exciting time watching the fireworks display on the TV with your family and friends. It will not be as fun when you do this alone, so invite some of your closest people to watch it with you at home. This way, everyone gets excited about the show, and no one feels left out.

If you want to enjoy every second of the fireworks display, make sure that all members of your family are present in front of their television sets or computer screens beforehand because once the clock strikes midnight, there’s no turning back! Also, don’t forget about fancy dress-up clothes because this makes things even more interesting, especially if children are around!


5. Visit a national monument or other historical sites nearby 

National monuments and other historic sites are one of the main things during the fourth of July. These places remind us why we should be thankful for it, even if our current state makes visits challenging to plan ahead of time. Instead, you can always check them out online so that no matter where you’re at in your life or what country you live in, all Americans will continue to appreciate this important holiday!

You can ask an escape game business owner for a custom-designed 4th of July escape room for a family gathering or office celebration. The escape games can either be mobile or online. You can ask a gamification designer to incorporate the 4th of July themes for that independence feel or have the escape room based on famous historical sites or national museums.



6. Gamify American Independence Through Escape Game

Reading about the history of the countries offers the following benefits

  • It keeps you AWARE about the past. 
  • It is a WARNING that history can repeat itself. 
  • It keeps people INSPIRED from the legendary events 
  • It is used in COMPARING one history from the others
  • It SHAPED the past and is helping the present 

Reading can be a tedious activity for some people, but it can be transformed into an interactive and immersive activity when paired with technology. To make learning about American history more engaging, gamifying the experience through escape games can be the best solution. 

A gamified history classroom where gaming mechanics are applied in assessing the student’s learning can increase engagement with the online course material and further improve test scores. The same manner can also be applied in gamified history pop quizzes or escape games for office settings where employees are teamed up to compete with one another.

Teams are tasked to solve puzzles and riddles as well as answer pop quizzes throughout the game.


In Conclusion

The fourth of July is a time for fun and celebration. There are so many activities you can participate in, but it’s hard to know which ones will be most enjoyable. With this list of Fourth of July ideas, you’ll have no problem finding something that fits your style or interests. 

Too many choices when it comes to activities? Not enough time for preparation? Do you want to offer a 4th of July themed escape game for your business? 

No worries! 

We’ve got you covered for this year’s 4th of July with our gamified solutions that your whole crew will love. Request for a demo today!

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