How Personalisation Experiences Can Impact Your ROI

Apr 27, 2021 | Company Events

Are you having a hard time attracting customers to buy your products or subscribing to your services? If you do not know your target market, you won’t provide them with what they need. And this is when a personalisation strategy takes place.

Personalisation help businesses gain proper insights into their likes and intent using data. As a result, you’ll be able to offer them a custom-made experience they’ll be happy about. Read further as we share how personalisation works. Learn more about the concepts that surround it, particularly:

What is Personalisation?

Personalisation is designing products and services that meet consumers’ requirements. It has been a necessity to survive the era of empowered customers. Last 2016, 33% of consumers abandoned good business relationships because they lack personalisation.

As stated above, personalisation is to design customers’ experiences based on the data gathered. Tailoring might be complex, especially for first-time visitors or customers engaged with your content via social platforms.

Things can be easier if you are using URL shortener tools, making a custom short link. You’ll garner insights on who’s clicking on your site link. Aside from that, you can also use features associated with custom short URLs.

Custom short URLs allow you to customised link destinations based on users’ behaviour. These are the fastest way of applying a personalised consumer experience. And it often results in happy customers.

Personal experience

What Personalisation means today?

Unlike before, customers these days are picky. They prefer brands that listen to their suggestions. Brands that understand their side and pay attention to their likes and needs. It is when Personalisation barge in. It is ideal for brands to customise the offers, messages, and experience offered.

Think of this strategy as the evolution of marketing to digital conversations. With data, it could be the starting point of development. The process includes collecting, analysing, and using customers’ data. It enables businesses to create content and campaigns for a better consumer experience.

Personalisation in layman’s terms is meeting customer expectations for a personal experience. Personalisation limits itself to business targets before. At present, it offers a whole range of customer experiences. Meaning, most customers prefer personalisation to have a say with their resources.

Including your customers in personalisation strategies results in the most satisfactory customer experience. Customers now receive simple offers. Yet, products, offers, and communication are directly relevant to them.

Understanding how personalisation pays off

With your customer’s expectations, you should know how to immediately responses if they seek a personalised experience to survive. Once you did this right, your business will not only survive, but it will allow you to thrive.

Putting it on a scale, personalisation delivers a 1-2% boost on the total sales for groceries, and the scale is way more significant for other retailers. These programs can reduce marketing and sales cost by 10-20%.

Maximise the results of this program by focusing on your loyal customers. Building data on them generate relevant data and boost on response rate.

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Why do I need a customer personalisation strategy?

A personalised approach is such a massive trend in the modern marketing strategy. To back this up, a recent study shows that this approach is here to stay. The majority of consumers will now expect companies to send them personalised offers and discounts based on the items they had already bought.

Today’s consumers live in a moment where all the information is being fed to them at different angles from day until night time. Every day the competition between brands sending out messages is getting tougher. You must be aware of how you can reach your target audience.

As you offer your customers a flawless customer experience, you are entitled to the following benefits:


  • Lead Generation

For companies customising their content, the good news is they can anticipate more leads than their competitors that are not yet providing the service.


  • Relationship Building

Implementing personalised cont allows you to be closer to your consumers, developing into a personal bond.


  • Customer Retention

Providing a superb customer experience can improve and encourage customer loyalty that will turn any regular customers into your brand ambassador.


  • Enhance Customer Experience

Customising brand offers will make your customers feel essential, satisfied, and appreciate every effort to the point that they will not flood your customer service lines with complaints.


  • Higher Conversion Rate

Personalised offers can significantly boost conversion rates from browsing customers to those who are attracted to buy.

Now you are aware of the numerous reasons why you need to understand your customers on a deeper level and why your brand must provide a unique experience. So let’s dig deeper and learn about creating an individual personalisation plan.

Personalisation Tips for a Better Customer Experience

Customers are essential, but the height of their importance is far greater at present. According to Epsilon’s report, 80% of customers purchase products and avail services from companies that provide a personalised experience. Personalisation can genuinely improve customer experience, increase loyalty, and helps boost sales.

If you want to include personalisation in your marketing plans, here are some of the tips that Cluehub wants to share:


  • Track customer’s buying journey

Personalisation starts with identifying the journey of the customer from finding your products online and eventually buying them. When you track the customer’s journey, you will predict the buying trends, create relevant product recommendations, and personalise the buying experience.

Likewise, you will determine the causes of abandoned carts and pain points that the customers have encountered in their journey.


  • Micro-segmentation is the NEW norm.

Customers feel special when brands treat them as individuals, not as groups based on their likes and dislikes. And this is what REAL personalisation is. However, to make this work, it has to follow relevant and specific personalisation actions.


  • Relevant messaging matters

According to a Gartner survey, if brands have poor personalisation practices, businesses tend to lose 38% of their customers. Most consumers don’t like product recommendations similar to other people – it has to be a personal recommendation because people seek individuality.

  • No quality data means poor personalisation.

The collection of high-quality data is vital in crafting the best personalisation strategy. Without it, you won’t dig deeper and understand the consumers’ buying behaviour and history. Yet, the collection of data has to be done respectfully and ethically.

Cluehub as One of the Tools in Promoting Personalisation Experience

If you are looking for a tool that can promote a personalisation experience, Cluehub is one of the tools you can use to further your audience reach. It’s a gamification platform that encourages personalisation on the following virtual event activities:

  • Collaboration

Many web conferencing software and gamification platform like Cluehub promotes collaboration in their services. While playing Cluehub’s pre-defined games, players can also enjoy live chat, Q&As, and reward the winning teams using virtual conference platforms and web conference software like Zoom, Skype, Meet, and Microsoft Teams.

  • Webinar

Cluehub is an exciting gamification platform to add to webinars or online seminars as a virtual icebreaker or a breather during breakout sessions.

  • Online Office Games with team building activities

Online team building is a highly complex task due to its unique challenges. However, Cluehub makes team-building activities and marketing events more engaging and fun to attend with their online escape games filled with minigames and puzzle games that will surely entertain the crowd.

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Key Takeaways

If you want your customers to stay loyal to your brand, now’s the time to enhance customer experience with a personalisation strategy. It is not only for the personalised experience but for boosting sales as well. Start planning your personalisation campaigns today and contact a Cluehub expert for your next remote team meeting, webinar or online marketing event.