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3000+ remote teams around the globe use cluehub to increase motivation, engagement, communication & teamwork
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How Does It Work?

Cluehub is a gamification platform for distributed and remotely working teams. In our ready-to-play games and customized solutions you, your colleagues, or customers connect online to solve puzzles, learn and have fun.

Benefits for Companies

  • NIncrease motivation
  • NImprove communication
  • NStrengthen your company culture
  • NHelp your remote teams to connect
  • NPrevent people from feeling isolated
  • NAdd engagement to your event or fair

How is Cluehub used?

Online Team Events

Our games are ideal for Product Launches, Milestone Celebrations and Remote Team Building Events.

virtual fair and conference

Virtual Fairs & Conferences

Connect & Engage Attendees in your Trade Show, Seminar, Expo, Conference, Workshop, Event or Summit.

remote training

Remote Trainings

Gamify your Onboarding Process, Internal Education Programs, and Team Training with digital and fun experiences.

Virtual Meetings

Bring up to the e-Table a fun mission game while having a Lunch Break, Stand-up Meeting, Coffee Time, Happy Hour, or Birthday Party.

Learn how to use cluehub for your company!

Ready-to-Play Games

In our thrilling Agent-Spy-Game players slip into the role of secret agents. Their mission: to stop a secret research company and prevent world domination. While the participants are tasked with finding clues and infiltrating the company’s facilities, the game is highly customizable.

Facts about our games:

  • N1-6 players per team
  • NUnlimited amount of players
  • NFlexible duration: 20-120 minutes
  • NSingle Player or Team Experiences
  • NAvailable in many different languages
  • NNew exciting scenarios coming soon!

Self Hosted or Supported by Our Game Masters

With our easy-to-use system you have full control over your digital escape game experience. You can easily invite players and manage them. If you prefer to have a professional host you can also hire one of our great Game Masters to support you. They are experts in organizing remote events, motivating teams, and speak multiple languages. Just let us know and we will give you the support you need.

Custom Solutions for Brands, Gamification, Trainings and more

Are you looking for an exceptional solution for training? Would you like to familiarize your employees with your company values, new products, or other topics in a playful way? Contact us and learn more about our custom solutions.

Use Cases: Digital Branding | Branded Online Games | Remote Team Building | Virtual Fairs | Web Conferences | Online Trade Shows | Online Onboardings | E-Learning/Education | Digital Trainings | Virtual Workshops | Virtual Ice Breaker Events | Gamification | Digital Customer & Marketing Events

Developed by Cluetivity, a Pioneer in Gamification

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Self Hosted Online Team Building Game

You’re a group of colleagues or a small team looking for a breakout from everyday work.

15€ per person

Online Team Building Game with Support

You’re a company with multiple teams looking for a professionally organized and fun remote experience.

25€ per person + 300€ per Game Master (we recommend 1 Game Master per 50 participants).

Custom Solutions for Gamification

For a large number of participants, custom gamification solutions or specific needs please get in touch with us.

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You want to know more about our solutions and prices? Contact us now to get your individualized inquiry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can participate?

You can use our solutions for as many players as you want. From 1 up to 100,000 or more participants at a time, with cluehub you are fully covered.

For what type of events can we use cluehub?

Cluehub is a great fit for many use cases such as online team building, onboarding events, virtual fairs and conferences, workshops and seminars, incentives, e-learning and education, ice breaker events, gamification projects and many more.

Can we use our own conference call solution?

Yes! You can use whatever conference call solution you want, for example Zoom, Skype or Slack.

How much does it cost?

Cluehub offers every company customized solutions and individual price packages so that you only pay for what you really need. Talk to our experts to receive a tailor-made offer.

Do we need to print anything?

No. Cluehub is a completely digital experience. But some puzzles are really tricky, so you may want to have a sheet of paper close to you to make some notes.

What are the advantages of a subscription?

As part of Cluetivity, cluehub is an experienced provider of (online) team building events. Our games are not only customizable and thus suitable for multiple use cases, but we are constantly expanding our platform with new games and scenarios. This way, you can always offer something new to your employees without having to look for new activity providers each time. So we save you a lot of time and money.