Online Escape Games: An Innovative Virtual Ice Breaker to Remote Training

Mar 17, 2021 | General

Virtual icebreakers are the epitome of fun, excitement, and communication in team meetings, events, and training. With this kind of activity, the team will be relaxed, and the barriers between co-workers will tumble down as a conversation between two or more workers begins.
This article will tackle the meaning of virtual icebreakers, their importance, and more.

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What are Virtual Icebreakers?

« Ice breaker«  is the term used for activities or games are usually done in an office set up to get teams or co-workers to know each other better and motivate conversation. This kind of impromptu activity is fully designed to « break the ice » in the workspace. Meaning, it helps teams make a human connection that is usually done inside the workspace.

Virtual Icebreaker has a similar purpose to the traditional icebreaker on events. Their only difference is that it is done online via webchat or video call where the attendees are not in the same location.


Why is Virtual Icebreaker Important in Events and Team Building Activities?

Virtual Icebreaker has become essential in online events and virtual team building due to the following reasons:


  • It’s the best way to introduce new recruits to the team.

Introducing a new team member was always done professionally. It makes the most boring meet and greets in events or team-building activities an exciting session. With virtual icebreakers, HR can now introduce a new co-worker in a fun and engaging way.


  • It encourages teams to learn more about each other.

The majority of employees ONLY know their co-workers by name, that’s it. With the help of virtual icebreakers, they are given a chance to know their workmates on a personal level. For instance, icebreakers require them to get to know a person with the same hobby or favourite to form a group before the training or event gets started.


  • It significantly improves communication.

It is prevalent for teams who barely know each other not to communicate if not needed. With virtual icebreakers, the team is encouraged to share as part of their team-building activities. And the more they get to know more about their remote team, the more likely there’ll be a remote team bonding.


  • Reduce any feeling of loneliness or isolation.

In work from home setup, remote teams no longer go out and have some fun with friends. Some co-workers develop a feeling of loneliness and isolation from the outside world. Through icebreakers, the lonely and isolated feeling gradually disappears. What’s left is fun and anticipation for the next meeting.


  • Help workers to feel more positive and relax.

Although virtual icebreakers are considered an activity, it is also a stress reliever for a whole day of work. It allows employees to relax and keep that positive output towards work and their fellow remote team.


  • Allows participants to get the gist of the company culture.

Through virtual icebreakers, even though new hires are working remotely, this simple activity allows them to get an idea of what it feels like to work with their colleagues through virtual interaction. Often times, new hires and old employees are teamed up to complete an icebreaker activity. Plus, icebreaker questions also help participants get to know more about the company.

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When to Use Virtual Icebreakers?

The best moment to use virtual icebreakers is during virtual meetings or in-between training sessions. It will serve as a buffer time and a resting time from the more serious talk. Also, it’s a great way to get to know the participants. That’s because there are instances that participants do not know each other well. With icebreakers, colleagues can thin up the ice that will eventually encourage communication between each member.


10 Virtual Icebreakers Used In Online Events

If you want your online team training or company event to be fun and unforgettable, you should check out these virtual icebreakers applicable for training and events.


1.What’s on your desk? 🖥

This icebreaker is both a game and a marketing strategy. In this fun activity, colleagues will ask their participants to select a random item from their work desk at home and present it to the remote team the same way a salesman offers a product. Most likely resemble a show and tell in school. But this time, the game will do it while video conferencing. Then, the team will give their honest feedback if they will buy the product or not.


2.Virtual Body Language 🕺🏻

Simple body language is enough to break the ice. It’s also effective, especially during a video conferencing where people listen to the speaker with their microphones off. Simple gestures or signals can help employees and their remote team to express their feelings. For instance, shake hands in the air when celebrating something, raise hands when asking questions, and express love or happiness with a little heart hand gesture by putting both hands together.

🕵️‍♂️ Looking for a Fun Team-Building Game?

3. Mood Barometer 😁

Working home alone enhances loneliness in most remote employees. So, if co-workers are planning to lighten things up during the virtual meeting, they can start with a personal note. They can ask the team how they are doing? Though not everyone in their group is vocal enough to share how they feel, they can ask them via poll. In this way, they can ensure that all of them can participate.


4. Coffee break time or Fika ☕️

Fika is a Swedish word that means a coffee or cake break. But, it has a deeper meaning when applied to team breaks, where teams should take a break from everything over a cup of tea or coffee. This is an excellent idea after strenuous training. In this way, the team can relax and at the same time catch-up with the whole team.


5. Virtual scavenger hunt home edition🕵️‍♂️

For a virtual company event, this is a great ice breaker. It gets remote teams out of the chair with trivia questions and are asked to complete small tasks. For example, they can be asked to look for something green inside their room or something weird to be shown to everybody online.


6. Background challenge via Zoom 🏖

This virtual icebreaker is best for remote team meetings, training, or even during online company events. They’ll be setting a theme and allow their colleagues to pick a virtual background that best represents the theme. It also allows their virtual teams to be creative. Backgrounds can be based on their favourite movie, the colour of the year, or something that is related to the company.


7. Unsung hero unfolded 🦸🏻🦹‍♂️

This is a morale booster and ice breaker, which is essential when working in complete isolation. Kick off the training with a word cloud poll, which gives kudos to their team members’ heroes. Acknowledging people of their effort is a great way to start any event, meeting, or training.


8. Amazing team photo 📸

An excellent virtual icebreaker is useless without a team photo. This is much fun via video chat. The best part is that co-workers can repeat it from time to time, even in the middle of the training. Before they take a picture, they can ask their attendees to make funny faces, create a crazy gesture, bring their pet along or be more creative.


9. Brainstorming with the team 🎨

For an effective visual icebreaker without the need to shout ideas at each other. Why not try virtual brainstorming? Colleagues can simply put up a virtual whiteboard and allow every team member to write their thoughts.


10. Playing Online Escape Games 🔐

If the company wants excitement and fun that its remote teams will never forget, online escape games are the finest option. It will not just break the barriers of communication and anonymity, but it will also enhance teamwork, improve company culture and develop creativity.

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Online Escape Games as an Innovative Virtual Ice Breaker Events and Training Needs

Here’s why online escape games are the perfect virtual icebreaker at present.



  • The puzzles are designed explicitly for virtual play.
  • Time spent working on fun escape room puzzles develops the soft and hard skills of the players.
  • The goal of the game is to escape the fastest and that no one gets timed out.
  • The game is exceptionally interactive, which makes it a perfect activity for team building.
  • Avatars are the life of the game. If players get a good actor, they will feel like they are a part of the room game.



  • It cannot replace a physical workout when in a live escape room.
  • They’ll miss out on essential details as they find it hard to pay attention.
  • It’s hard to beat the clock because the instructions are slow.


Best Online Escape Games for Virtual Team Building and Training

An Agent-Spy-Game theme of online escape games is one of the thrilling games that can be offered today. The participant’s mission is to stop a secret research company and entirely prevent world domination. The best part is that the game is customisable, from puzzles to solve to the virtual rooms where the escape game takes place.



What are you waiting for? Skip the lousy and boring team meeting, training, and events with virtual icebreakers. You will break the barriers and enhance team building, communication, teamwork, and trust in one another. Contact a Cluehub specialist today.


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