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    How to Gamify your 4th of July Plans

    You've got a long 4th of July weekend coming up, but you're not sure how to spend it.  It's hot out there, and all your friends want to do is stay inside and watch Netflix. Your last summer vacation was so much fun that you don't know where to start this year! We have...

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    How to Utilize Gamification Software in Various Use Cases

    If you are a business owner looking to make the most out of your gamification software, this blog post is for you! This article will cover gamified business solutions use cases and use gamification software for your business needs. You will learn about: Gamification...

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    5 Deal Breakers in Running a Gamification Business

    A Megaworld Corporation CEO once said, “Don’t rush into a business just because you have the capital. You’d lose your shirt if you jump into it recklessly. Do your homework first, study the market, and look for that golden opportunity. Whatever business you choose to...

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    7 Escape Game Facts: Why It’s a Thriving Industry

    The escape game industry continues to thrive despite the status of the world market. It only means that whatever the situation consumers are experiencing, as long as there’s an industry willing to entertain them despite the lockdown, the industry will keep rolling. ...

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    4 Gamification Software Proven to Boost Engagement

    Boosting customer engagement and retaining their loyalty are hurdles that every business must overcome to remain in the market. And since most of the clientele are digitally enabled, it takes a lot of work and convincing to make them avail a business’ product or...

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    How Personalisation Experiences Can Impact Your ROI

    Are you having a hard time attracting customers to buy your products or subscribing to your services? If you do not know your target market, you won't provide them with what they need. And this is when a personalisation strategy takes place. Personalisation help...

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    How Profitable Online Escape Game Business this 2021

    A lot of people from all walks of life were affected by the pandemic. The spread of the virus started in the last quarter of 2019 and eventually spread throughout 2020 to the present. Last year is indeed a crucial year for every country as it greatly affected the...

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