How to Organize and Boost Virtual Event Engagement in the ‘New Normal’

Mar 2, 2021Ferias y Conferencias Virtuales

With people still lockdown at their homes and businesses relying much of their operations on their employees working at home. Organizing virtual events became the ultimate medium for most businesses to reach out to their prospects and extend solutions to people’s everyday problems.

However, how can you boost virtual event engagement organized on a virtual conference platform and keep it interesting and valuable? Here’s what you can do.

What is a Virtual Event? 

If you have attended online webinars and training or have joined online meetings for the past months while sitting at the comforts of your home, virtual events are no longer new to you. A virtual event is an online experience where a person attends, grasps, and exchanges information with other people in the same virtual room.

At present, virtual events occupy much of the internet run time with online classes, live online shopping, and live streaming. Yet, keeping the engagement alive and active is one of the challenges every virtual event organizers need to deal with, or else, the event will not give you the results that you’re expecting.

Planning a Virtual Fair?

How to Organize and Boost Engagement in a Virtual Event?

Organizing an event can be daunting with the preparations that you need to attend to make it successful. You have to deal with the venue owners, the caterers, photographers, and videographers as well as the guests who will be part of your event. 

With the pandemic affecting the entire world, things have changed. Everything became online, even hosting events too. So how do you organize it in this “new normal”?

1.   Determine the relevance of your virtual event content and its timing.

When you organize an online trade show, it doesn’t necessarily have to be relevant to Covid-19 unless your products and services are intended for the medical field. The content at least can provide entertainment and education to people.

Showcase the materials that you use to make clay pot lessons fun and easy

For instance, if you want to offer a master class for clay pot making, organizing an introductory class through a virtual show can help in explaining what your master class is all about and what people can gain at the end of the session. Plus, you can showcase the materials that you use to make clay pot lessons fun and easy.

2.  Identify the length of your virtual show.

Lengthy virtual shows are boring no matter how educational they are. Rather than prepare a one-shot lengthy virtual event that rolls for hours, it’s best to divide it into short digestible virtual events of 15 to 30 minutes long with breaks in between for interaction and networking.

The reason why it’s more engaging is that the length of having to stay on screen isn’t dragging. Plus, breaks allow your virtual participants to do some stretching and rest their eyes after a few minutes of looking at the screen.

3.  Don’t copy how others organize virtual events. Host your event on virtual conference platforms and use add-ons for fun virtual events.

If you want to build connections with your prospects, hosting your virtual fair on online conference platforms can increase your virtual event engagement. That’s because there’s something to be excited about in the event you’ll be hosting. It won’t be a traditional online meeting or an online seminar that your prospect has attended several times before.

4.  Brief your content contributors or speakers about the goal of your virtual event.

Briefing your speakers about the theme of your virtual event and how the program will flow. The briefing enables your speakers to identify what kind of material to prepare and how long it can be presented.

Best of all, it allows them to rehearse especially if the hybrid webinar software they will be using in the event is different from the usual software they used in the past.

online seminars, virtual fairs, network training, and tradeshows an outstanding experience

5.  Choose the best virtual meeting platform with proven efficiency in hosting virtual events and run by leading virtual platform specialists.

New companies that offer virtual trade show platform services will surely appear like mushrooms in the market because it became an essential business tool. But does it guarantee the safety of your virtual participants and the smooth flow of your virtual event?

With that being said, it’s vital to check how long they have been providing such services for a company hybrid meeting, online team building activities, and hosting virtual events. With the increase in the number of people signing up to join virtual events.

It’s necessary to avail the services of companies that can handle a big volume of attendees. At the same time provide an amazing experience that will turn your attendees into clients.

Cluehub Virtual Escape Game is one of the sought-after add-ons for virtual meeting platforms hosted by Cluehub, a certified platform specialist. Most companies that have integrated online team building activities, virtual meetings and conferences, virtual fairs, and training even before the pandemic subscribe to their customizable gamification and online platform.

So if you’re planning to organize an event with a virtual trade show booth as an add-on for your online training, they can easily provide such a service because they customize their gamification platform according to your business need.

6.  Involve your attendees.

What makes attending online seminars, virtual fairs, network training, and tradeshows an outstanding experience is when you successfully get your participants involved. Keep in mind that your attendees have been stuck since the start of the lockdown at home with a limited time to go out to buy their essential needs.

In fact, nothing excites them more but a new experience. That’s why involvement matters. It gives your attendees an impression that even if you’re at home, you can still catch up and connect with other people through the virtual exhibit hall.

Boost virtual event engagement organized on a virtual conference platform and keep it interesting and valuable


You can get your participants to join online escape games which are customizable as part of your virtual event. At the end of the game, it’s in your discretion to reward those who participated with introductory items or freebies that your company offers that will even boost your brand awareness.

7.  Don’t forget to remind your attendees and keep your lines open for possible last-minute sign-ups.

Even though people have already signed up, it doesn’t end there. Sending an email reminder to people who signed up for your event helps in making sure that people will attend your event.

Some companies use third-party calendar software that notifies people a day or two before the event. At the same time, they post countdowns on their social media accounts to give that sense of urgency for other people to sign up.

8.  Have a backup plan.

There’s no perfect virtual event, but you can ensure that your virtual summit will run smoothly as long as you have a hybrid summit platform as your backup plan. In every virtual event, expect glitches and other technical problems to occur. However, this can be handled smoothly without affecting your event if you have a reliable team to navigate your event.


Whether you’re hosting a virtual career fair this 2021, organizing an online team building for your employees, or will host remote training for your new hires, a reliable virtual conference platform is what you need. Rather than feel anxious about what will be the outcome of your event with the virtual platform you subscribed for your company, better invest in people who’re already experts in the industry.


Got a big event to host this year? Contact us today for a fantastic virtual event hosting experience.

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