Safest Team-Building Activities to Spice Up Your Work

Jul 23, 2021 | Company Events, Team Building, Team Management

Planning a team-building event creates a lot of pressure. You want your team members to have fun and come away with new skills to apply on the job.

The problem is that most companies don’t know how to plan an effective team-building exercise. They struggle to find events that bring their group together. And help them learn something useful for work or life. The inability to provide something fresh to spice up company culture after extended lockdowns can make going back to the office rough.

This blog post will share why it’s essential to strengthen your company culture with the safest team-building activities for different situations.

Company Culture is Essential to Success

Healthy company culture is the difference between a team feeling like they’re part of something and performing well or just going through the motions. Without that sense of belonging, people don’t feel motivated to do their best work.

I once heard that it’s the little things in life that remind us of what is essential. It’s been true as my job becomes more demanding. And getting forced to work from home office or lockdown mode isn’t good for our mental and physical health.

Most of our old ways of connecting have gone out the window. No longer can I visit a coworker while they’re at their desk. Nor share gossip over coffee machine chats or lunches outside together! Of course, there will always be some trade-offs when returning home early on any given day.

But being able to keep those connections alive makes all these complex adjustments worthwhile.

Team Building Back In the Office

Now that they’re going back to the office, people need to make time in their schedules again. When you don’t see your team as often, there can be many missed opportunities and complex challenges ahead without them by your side.

For many people, everything has changed in the last few months. For managers and their teams, this change often became an opportunity to build something new from scratch. A chance for growth can only come when you create your environment.

New employees arrived without meeting any of their colleagues at work face-to-face or online yet. Meaning, they’re all just waiting to meet them now!

Teams are often spread out all over the place. Yet, it’s a great time to get them back together and organize some team-building activities. Team building is vital for keeping your company cohesive. That’s by doing something unusual that will also make you smile.

When it comes to choosing a team-building activity, there are many different options.

A hybrid event is the best choice when you have ten people or fewer in your group. It’s because everyone will be participating in both activities and competitions. It can make them much more exciting! You also get to choose an off-site affair if that’s what you’re looking for too.

Since team-building activities are essential in keeping the company harmonious and happy, we’ll share the most appropriate but safe team bonding activities for various situations.

At Work Team Building Activities for Small Groups

Escape rooms

Escape rooms challenge each player to work together. Using their collective skills and the clues found throughout. Solving puzzles, answering the riddles, and finding clues become a walk in the park.

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a problem-solving dead end? Remember that your team is here with you. So put away those phones. Get rid of any distractions (like Google). And make sure everyone contributes as much as possible.

At Cluehub, you can request an escape game that large groups can also play. Just keep in touch with our game masters to walk you through designing an escape game for your company or business needs.

Scavenger Hunt

Hidden in plain sight. The treasure hunt is a never-ending game that captures not only your attention. It also offers an alluring thrill.” In what seems like one minute of fun. You’ll find yourself entangled puzzles and clues – with the mystery at every turn.

These scavenger hunts offer both entertainment and something to keep our minds exercised. Especially during this time, mental health has become such a pressing matter for so many people worldwide.

At Work Team Building Activities for Large Groups

Field Day

What if we all had a chance to live like kids again? What would it be like to have an epic virtual or in-person field day? And let loose with friends, colleagues, family members you don’t usually see on the job?

We could reconnect over games of tag as adults! Networking just got more interesting! We can share our knowledge while getting physical at the same time.

A company gathering for fun might sound crazy. Yet, it is precisely needed by people when they’re feeling burnt out from their jobs.

They need that extra boost of energy before they reenter reality. It makes life feel not too monotonous anymore. So why not try something different on your next field day?

Office Tournament

The rules of this tournament are anything you make them. The only limit is your imagination!

You can play any type of game imaginable. And the possibilities for games to turn into tournaments go on and on. It can be mobile escape games, ping-pong, Mario Kart racing competitions, Jenga tower challenges, or rock paper scissors battles. All up to you!

Team Building Activities with Social Distancing

Egg Toss

Rattle an egg in your partner’s hands and try not to break it. The game is over when the egg breaks or time runs out! In this fun, energetic two-player activity. You work with a teammate to stay in sync as one person tosses while the other catches – but watch out for that timer!

Nerf Wars

A Nerf gun battle is like a classic tag with a few modifications. Aim your handy, foam-tipped guns at other team members. And fire off rounds to remove them from the game without getting too close!

Team Building Activities in Video Calls (Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams)

Virtual Escape Game Night

Many people would say that playing video games is a solitary activity.

Yet, escape room games are an interactive experience. It involves solving puzzles or challenges for prizes. This type of adventure game features high-tech elements. Such elements include sound effects, live actors/animation screens. Often, it has voice-over narration recorded by professional talents.


Virtual Team Movie Night

A simple virtual team movie night is a perfect way to make people feel bonded. It’s like going back in time as long as everyone can see what’s on-screen together. It will be an experience they won’t soon forget (and will want to do again!).

In Conclusion

With the opening of public spaces for everyone’s consumption, finding the best team-building activity for your company will surely be easy. We can help you organize an event with our experts in charge and make sure that it’s tailored to your needs if you want to try out some activities before booking anything. We offer free demos to see what type of experience is right for you! Contact us today if this sounds like something interesting!

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