How to Maintain Positive Customer Experience of Your Brand

Mar 23, 2021 | Virtual Fair & Conference

E-commerce is the trendiest way of selling products today. Though it has a steady growth since 2014, most retail e-commerce businesses revenue is expected to expand to 6.54 trillion US dollars by 2022. And if you have adopted this way of selling products and services, then you’re on the right path to success.

However, you should know that selling online through different platforms is not a walk in the park. To keep your business on the grid, it has to win and keep winning the hearts of your prospects. So, if you want your customers to keep coming back for your products or services, we’ll share with you a few worthy insights to ponder in maintaining a positive customer experience, such as:

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Essential Things Every Customer Wants

If you want to attain customer loyalty or attract more consumers, you should know that customers are not always quality vs. price. Surveys show that customers prefer the following from brands:



They are enhancing the customer experience by being PREPARED. Your consumers prefer to accommodate brands that understand their everyday problems. If your product or service can solve consumer’s problems, they will flock to you.



Consumers are fond of products or services with a SIMPLE presentation. They do not need the complexity of the product.



Consumers are smart. They already know the product or services that can fix their problem. What they are looking for are new ideas or products that can surpass the previous ones. Showcasing a new product in a CREATIVE way is an advantage on your part. This can be done through exhibits, online trade shows, or virtual fairs where people can get to see and experience your latest offering.



It would be best if you kept in mind that most of your customers are risking their own companies and even careers in doing business with you. What they want from you is your LOYALTY.



Customers get easily irritated if they felt like they are not necessary. A customer service that is ACCESSIBLE 24/7 and responds in real-time is a big turn-on to even the most demanding customers. When customers felt that brands listen to them, they will always look for your product and service and won’t look for another.



Consumers prefer to buy products or avail the services of a provider with ACCOUNTABILITY. A responsible brand always takes care of its customers and listens to their feedback to improve the products or services.

What is a Positive Customer Experience?

Positive customer service is treating your customers more than they deserve. It’s not just by providing what they want or need, but extending your service beyond expectations. In short, when you give a positive customer experience, you possess the following characteristics:


  • Surprises customers with a service experience that isn’t forceful or fake.
  • Exceed your customer’s expectations.
  • You provide a “whimsical” customer service that generates a positive vibe for your brand’s sake and has the potential to attract new prospects.
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What are the components of a positive customer experience?

The following components will guide you in providing the best customer experience to your target market.


1. Reliability

Customers rely on providers like you to support the critical activities of the business. They need to know that your company is dependable when it comes to complex and technical issues that could hinder their business’s success.


2. Availability

B2B customers have high expectations with providers like you. They expect answers on their terms, from chat, email, voice calls, video calls, and messages.


3. Simplicity

Customers want to do business with a service provider that can explain the process from start to end. This way, they can easily decide on what they think is best for their business.


4. Adaptation

There is no such thing as similar customers. Every client is unique. It would help if you prepared for any customers that will ask for your service.


5. Anticipation

Your customers deserve only the best. If you believe that your clients are the next digital innovators, being updated helps your clients stay ahead of the competition.


6. Accountability

For a positive customer experience, you should be accountable as you work with your clients from beginning to end. By doing so, you are building a good working relationship that could last an extended period.

Showcase the materials that you use to make clay pot lessons fun and easy

How to Maintain Positive Customer Experience?


Resolve customer complaints quickly.

Conflicts can happen on ordinary days. It can occur during or after a trade show with your investors. Likewise, it can also happen on a virtual event with your leads. No matter the circumstances, it would help if you were prepared to handle customer complaints.

The best way of handling such a scenario is to face it positively and calmly. Nothing is solved when you’re in a panic. It’s best to use a constructive approach to keep your customers and the conflicts at bay.

Be reminded that even though the customer is not making any complaints to you. They might take their concerns to others and switch brands. So, manage your client’s complaints as flawlessly and as fast as you can for repeat business.


Be flexible on refunds and cancellation policies.

Refunding requests can be heartbreaking, but this usually happens. The best thing you can do is not to panic. Never ignore a refund or cancellation request whenever you get one. Handling a refund or cancellation while under pressure might be challenging. However, it should not end nasty. Just make sure to review your refund or cancellation policy more often, if possible.


Provide real-time customer service.

With real-time customer service, you can meet your client’s expectations by aiding them with their problems at the exact time they need it. Do not worry because you do not need massive capital for real-time customer service. There are multiple options to choose from, like Live Chat, Mobile Messaging, Chatbot Support, Social Media, Self-service, and Experienced Agents. Just select one that best suit your needs.


Deliver personalized and customer-relevant marketing campaigns.

Customer Marketing is the marketing activity or movement that is intended for the existing customer. This is specifically designed to strengthen customer loyalty, drive retention, advocacy, and growth. Based on surveys, this is worth every penny.


Amaze your customers with free upgrades, event invitation, and more…

Keep in mind that every customer interaction with your brand positions your business in the market. To keep your customers hooked requires careful planning and processes. Do not worry because even a simple handwritten note, loyalty benefits, and more make a huge difference this day.

Here are some ways on how you can delight your customers:


  • Offer each customer a special welcome kit.
  • Send some samples of new products to loyal customers.
  • Extend benefits your customers adore.
    Include a simple thanksgiving gift on every order.
  • Offer free shipments or delivery from time to time.
  • Provide exclusive online events and virtual trade show invitations to your customers for new product and service launches.
Showcase the materials that you use to make clay pot lessons fun and easy

Cluehub as Your Event and Online Trade Show Platform Partner

For the best virtual trade shows, Cluehub is the perfect add-on platform you can use. It is a gamification platform designed for virtual trade shows, seminars, virtual fairs, and other virtual events that will engage your prospects.

They provide ready-to-play games and advanced solutions that can heighten a positive customer experience. Your customers can enjoy the fun even when your world’s apart.

With today’s technology, you can throw a virtual event anytime, anywhere while your attendees are in the comforts of their home. Your customers will be able to experience a virtual trade show like no other when you choose Cluehub as a virtual event platform.



With the pandemic still on the rise, it is still impossible to gather attendees and exhibitors for your tradeshow and company events. However, the launch of products and services must go on as many industries are transitioning from traditional marketing campaigns to hosting online trade shows and virtual events to cater to the needs and demands of the consumers.

Even though transactions and customer service go online, providing and maintaining a positive customer experience should not be left out. Instead, it should be heightened and strengthened. Virtual trade show may lack the features what physical trade shows and virtual events can give. It can guarantee that people will be safe and get to feel the best buying experience with the kind of customer service your company can provide, even if it is done online.

What are you waiting for? If you want to provide a positive customer experience, contact a Cluehub specialist today to roll out your online trade show and virtual event plans.