How Profitable Online Escape Game Business this 2021

Apr 8, 2021 | Online Escape Game

A lot of people from all walks of life were affected by the pandemic. The spread of the virus started in the last quarter of 2019 and eventually spread throughout 2020 to the present. Last year is indeed a crucial year for every country as it greatly affected the economic state and the businesses in motion at that time.


Many small and medium businesses, enterprises, and organisations have no choice but to proclaim bankruptcy. Some ceased business operation while others floated their employees and implemented a skeletal workforce. What is left operating unscathed are businesses that run online, including Online Escape Game companies.

Online Escape Game elevated its popularity last year. Yet, some of its subsidiaries were still affected by the pandemic. Although it continues to reign online, it is not a secret that the industry shrinks when it comes to the numbers of available facilities down by 4.3%. Compared to the early years, the decline is smaller, and the USA’s facilities alone remain stable.

As we go further, you should first understand that the number of facilities does not affect or represent the business revenue. So, if you’re thinking to venture into the online escape game business, here’s what Cluehub can share:

About Escape Games and How it Operates

Escape Games are designed for series of puzzles and electronic items put together in a themed room. If you can complete or solve the puzzles or tasks, you’ll be able to “escape” the game and win.

The participants are in a situation they can also see in Hollywood films and on video games. The players face challenges of solving puzzles, riddles, and solving problems under a time limit to get out. To find their way or escape the room, participants must uncover hidden keys, clues, and more as designed by the game creators.

Battle Game for Team Building events


If the team is having a hard time solving the puzzles or racing in the area, the escape room will aid the team by playing voice recorded clues on the speaker to be heard within the house where the game is happening or introducing an extra puzzle.

Many enjoy escape games because the provided puzzles are not complex. You’ll just strive with the Math issues whose answers are the lock combination, tricky puzzles, and riddles. These are some of the tasks included in escape rooms.


Understanding Virtual Escape Rooms

COVID 19 got people locked in their homes. Since people refrained from going out, most of the company events were held online, thus discovering virtual escape games. During the global implementation of quarantine lockdowns, people started seeking new ways to connect and socialise, and escape games help cope with isolation.

Understanding virtual escape rooms


Companies did everything in their power and resources to keep their remote team members entertained and connected, which eventually led to looking for virtual team building activities and events. In those difficult times, outdoor and indoor escape games strived to survive the economic meltdown. And since most of them are now active online, it led to virtual escape games.

Virtual escape games are played the same way as the outdoor and indoor escape rooms are played. The only difference is that virtual escape rooms can be web-based gamification platforms like Cluehub or a software-based platform.

Yet, between the two, a web-based platform is much ideal to operate because it allows real-time modification, and no advanced coding is required to customise the minigames. There are different types of escape games to choose from. There are:

  • point-and-click apps,
  • audio-only games,
  • live escape rooms, and
  • Augmented reality escape games.

With numerous options available, virtual escape games do not show any sign of slowing down. As anticipated, they will eventually be around even after the COVID restrictions are lifted.

How profitable are escape rooms?


Are Escape Games businesses profitable?

If you are thinking about how escape games make money, here’s what you need to understand:

An escape game makes a profit by charging a “participation fee” to every player who wants to try the game. It’s actually worth the money because escape games resemble a live-action journey (if you’re familiar with Takeshi’s Castle, only that you will play using an avatar) where the participants are bolted in a small area and looked for clues to escape the game. There are instances that the rooms have subject matters. It could be futuristic, historical, and all original.


8 Considerations to Ponder Before Deciding to Run an Escape Game Business

If you are planning to open your very own escape game business, you should consider the following:


  • Play a LOT of escape games

If you are eager to start your own virtual escape game, you should try out as many escape games as you can. By doing so, you’ll be able to improve your designs and even run your games. Not only that, you can come up with a better storyline and complicated puzzles. Best of all, you can identify the multiple uses of escape games in different industries.


  • Find time to talk to the owners.

It is one of the advantages of joining the escape game community. Owners can rely upon each other. Operators are happy to share their knowledge, the ups and downs in starting and managing the business.


  • Do not hesitate to join the community.

You should not keep everything by yourself. The escape game industry has a very welcoming and active business community. These communities connect through Facebook and are divided into different groups worldwide.


  • Attend the seminars and conference

Escape game conferences are essential and a must-attend event if you do not want to be left out on the latest technology, business practices, and designs.


  • Do your research

Most escape games have local facilities, but you should do market research to ensure that your escape game will attract your target customers even with an online escape room.


  • Keep your competitors close.

You should know your competitors by heart. Meaning, you should know how many escape rooms are in your area, how busy they are during weekends or weeknights, and what escape games they offer online.


  • Write a brilliant business plan.

A good business plan can help you define how, what, and why you want to pursue the business. It will help you visualise how your business will look like.


  • Is it a business or a hobby? 

Before doing anything reckless, you should first ask yourself if you are fully committed to the business or just a hobby that will eventually end.

Should I start an Escape Game Business?

Introduced five years ago, escape games have gradually become one of the industry’s most dynamic sectors. Predictions state that it will continue to rise even after the pandemic since this industry keeps on raking good customer feedbacks and inviting profitability records as a business.

These two main ingredients have managed to ensure the industry’s success before and in the upcoming future. When you join a thriving sector, you have a greater chance to succeed instead of going solo in a competitive market that will eat you alive when you make mistakes.

If you are serious about your plan of opening an escape game, this year is the best time to start. Make sure that you know the things to be considered and had done thorough research about the industry. You should not worry more or less because escape games are here to stay with or without COVID.

Find the right partner to run a unique escape room


Cluehub as Your Partner to an Escape Game Venture

Cluehub is a recent branch from Cluetivity, is the pioneer in gamification platforms. Cluetivity was founded in 2006 in Berlin and started with the development of GPS-based games. At present, it is one of the leading providers of team games and location-based gaming experiences around the world.


If you’re interested in venturing into the escape games industry, Cluehub offers different B2B subscription options and partnership opportunities. The company provides customisable and high-quality online escape games fitting your needs and your clients’ requirements.

The benefits of a yearly subscription offer include:

  • Market leadership
  • Ready-to-Play missions
  • Creation and customisable games
  • Fast support
  • Multiple-use cases
  • Free regular updates

In Summary

Whether there’s a pandemic or not, starting a business always begins with an eagerness to provide the best service that consumers deserve. Since most people are active in the World Wide Web, it’s best to take advantage of starting a business that can run both in physical facilities and online. Not only that you make your business available to various needs, but it also implies that your business is tech-ready.

Are you interested in starting an escape game business in your area? Contact a Cluuehub expert today and be one of our partners.