Digital Transformation: A Must on Virtual Training and Online Workshops of Companies?

Apr 7, 2021 | Company Events, Corporate Training & Onboarding, Team Management, Virtual Fair & Conference

Face-to-face training, workshops, and onboarding are not the ‘new normal’ anymore. As the world continues to face an invincible enemy, employees continue their work at home. And businesses remain functional with a skeletal workforce.

Also, companies now host training, workshops, and onboarding virtually. And if you are one of the participants and you have to attend this kind of work activity daily. Will you get bored at some point? The answer is YES!

And this is one of the reasons why digital transformation is essential. It doesn’t only improve participation. But it also promotes strong engagement and fun during critical events.

In this article, we will tackle the following concepts to get a better picture of what businesses can benefit from digital transformation:

  1. The idea of digital transformation
  2. Digital transformations in its beginning and ending with customer
  3. Industry leaders who undergone digital transformation
  4. Essential digital transformation roles
  5. Opportunities and challenges in digital transformation
  6. Cluehub as a digital transformation partner


What is digital transformation?

First, let us define the meaning of “transformation.” It is the complete change in a form or appearance. Digital Transformation changes every sector of the business. Like the way you manage your business and how you deliver value to your valued customers. It is a cultural change in the digital era. And it occurs as organisations continue to experiment, improve, and innovate.


The Customer as to the beginning and the end of Digital Transformation

Given the opportunity to talk to different CEOs. You’ll observe that they have a similar side and belief about this transformation. They believe that every digital transformation starts and ends with the customer. It only implies that before you decide on any change in your business, you should find the answer to this critical question:

“How did you manage to develop your business from a paper and pencil operation to a huge business that employs digital technology on its entire operation?” 

Can you see how essential customers are in your business? As you plan or engaged with a digital transformation. It should always be about your customer’s satisfaction.


Customer engagement with digital transformation


Digital transformation examples

To give you an idea of how digital transformation work, here is a concrete sample:

  • Is Prudential Financial’s familiar to you? In 2019, the Assurance IQ acquisition showed interest in granting their customers a wish to interact with different brands through digital channels. Assurance matches the customers with Medicare, health, life, and auto insurance – offering them numerous options in buying their desired products online. Or aid them with the help of a live agent as customer support.

To support this strategy, the company’s engineers double their work by leveraging their agile and collaborating with its functional teams. This includes the analysts, project-manager, and other essential employees. To test out new apps, they seek help from the staff for the so-called “test and learn and test and fail fast and ideate” as they cook up a new app.

Although Prudential’s upgraded cloud model and data centre remain ideal for remote employees, Goodman wants to exceed this by wasting no time marketing for new software products. She believes that it will dramatically improve the overall experience for both employees and customers.

In an interview, Goodman says that she wants to enhance the mobile ability as it continues to back its hybrid model. They allow their employees to work from home during this pandemic for safety and security.

  • For Julie Avril, who joined Lululemon as CTO last 2017. Moving with the market is critical. With years of experience, Julie has able to launched numerous international websites and apps. She sees that migrating the compute functions to the so-called “Microsoft Azure” provides flexibility to their clients or guests. They focus more on mobility as they allow their customers to go through the inventory using their smartphones.

Essential digital transformation use


Essential digital transformation roles

Digital technology is never stagnant! Something will always emerge, and that the process is crucial. If you want to succeed in your quest for digital transformation, your team should be composed of people with the right skills like the following:

  1. You need to have Software Engineers, Cloud Computing Specialists, and Product Managers who will cook up the latest products and services your business or company has to offer.
  2. Data Scientists and Data Architects are also an essential part of the team. Companies face a lot of data daily, and they rely on machine learning, what we know now as artificial intelligence.

Aside from the once listed above, the following should also be part of the team:

  • UX designers
  • Writers
  • Conversational brand strategists
  • Forensic Analysts
  • Digital trainers
  • Workplace technology managers
  • Ethics compliance manager


Opportunities and challenges

Although digital transformation is a must for a developing company. Marketers should be aware that it presents both challenges and opportunities once your company is engaged.

As you and your team start to plan for your digital transformation, your organization must cope with the cultural changes. It has to go through as the employees and leaders gradually adjust and adapt to unfamiliar or new technology.

Digital transformation is greatly on-demand. It somehow created marketplace opportunities and challenges that every marketer is not used to, and some competitors used this to their advantage.


Digital transformation pitfalls

Yes, technology is not perfect. It has pitfalls as well. Digital transformation often fails due to the following reasons: disconnection on IT and the business, poor leadership, and employee engagement. But the main culprits of digital transformation downfall is the obsession of many from the “big-bang change.” It is mainly focused on cost-cutting for businesses.

Digital Transformation changes



There’s a better way to grow.

“What’s good for the business is good for the customers.” 

Ensure that you also manage your marketing, sales, and service software because these can help your business grow without a doubt. In an organization, sales and marketing are two different business functions, but they affect business lead generation and revenue.

To avoid confusion on the critical terms mentioned, sales refer to selling goods in-store or online. While marketing is making customers interested in the goods and services provided by a company or business.

Is your team ready to innovate?

If you want to compete or leverage with your competitors, keep in mind that technology is not enough. You have to do the following:

  • Measure organization’s culture, process, and every corner of the platform
  • Study the steps you need to take as you journey onwards to digital transformation


How Cluehub Can Help Companies with their Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation includes trying out new ways, apps, and software to enhance team-building, engagement, and productivity. Cluehub can help you in many ways, particularly in connecting with leads and existing customers. Its gamification platform system breathes fresh air when it comes to market sociability and connection.

Likewise, it is designed for remote working teams to meet the demands for various use cases such as :

  • Digital Branding
  • Branded Online Games
  • Remote Team Building
  • Virtual Fairs
  • Web Conferences
  • Online Trade Shows
  • Online Onboardings
  • E-Learning/Education
  • Digital Trainings
  • Virtual Workshops
  • Virtual Ice Breaker Events
  • Gamification
  • Digital Customer & Marketing Events

Cluehub’s ready-to-play games and solutions can ensure that employees and customers can connect or bond online in solving problems, puzzles, mysteries and have fun at the same time. It is also a perfect addition to invitations that aims to maintain customer’s positive experience. At the same time, it exploits employees to the latest technology while learning every corner of operating it.

Putting it All Together

The world is changing, and even the pandemic can’t stop it. As the consumers’ needs and wants constantly evolve to the current situations, digital transformation plans are something companies must do. Or else, someone will go ahead and take advantage of the current market status. Contact a Cluehub specialist for events and training plans geared to your company’s digital transformation.


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