Cluehub: An Immersive Virtual Platform for Digital Marketing Acceleration?

Apr 1, 2021 | Company Events, Team Building, Virtual Fair & Conference

2020 is an unforgettable year. A lot of unexpected situations happened last year that challenged our way of living. Also, it affected all sectors of the industry, including the B2B marketing industry.

But what awaits the B2B Marketing trends this 2021? B2B marketing trends will resume the pattern from the previous years. While the influence of B2C will make a significant impact this year. Yet, one thing’s for sure. If businesses integrated the concept of virtual into their business. It’s also the best time to speed up their digital marketing.

In this article, we’ll discuss the following concepts related to digital marketing, particularly:


What is Digital Marketing Acceleration?

Digital Marketing Acceleration is the so-called “necessity of the mother invention.” This implies that if you need to do something, you’ll think of ways on how you can do it”. Investment in cloud-based software is also part of implementing digital marketing acceleration. Such technology enables businesses to run efficient and smooth business transactions.

Don’t confuse digital marketing acceleration with digital marketing transformation. These concepts are different but related somehow. Digital marketing acceleration happens when a business uses technology in daily operations. Yet acceleration is critical to cope with the consumer’s buying behaviour.

Digital marketing transformation happens when traditional marketing campaigns and project management turns digital. The inclusion of the virtual space in event planning is part of this transformation

Since authorities have prohibited mass gatherings due to pandemic cases rising. The event industry adopts hosting online events to secure audience engagement. Virtual exhibitor booths, virtual fairs, and online tradeshows often include product launches. And with the right event platform used, companies can expect a successful experience.

Companies with skeletal workforces and remote teams adopt video conferencing and virtual meetings. Usually, companies host large-scale virtual events divided into series. Employees, then, attend this event series to get updated, informed, and entertained.


Is Accelerating your Digital Marketing Plans Worth the investment?

Video calls, online conferences, and live-streaming video events became part of the ‘new normal. If you are not putting in enough effort and do not follow a healthy marketing budget. There is a big chance that your competitors will leave you behind.

Is accelerating your business’ digital marketing plans worth the bucks? Absolutely!

Accelerating your digital marketing plans is worth the investment for the following reasons:

  • Digital Marketing is easily measured.
  • It provides high-quality data that determines the effectiveness of your marketing plans
  • It is cost-effective.
  • Digital marketing plans allow customization to suit your business’ and customers’ need.

digital marketing acceleration


Role of Virtual Conference Platform to Digital Marketing Acceleration

People got used to in-person events (as it is the most common way of celebrating a company occasion or event). Yet, COVID made it difficult to reach your target market despite vaccines’ availability. Still, virtual conference platforms for virtual events are the best strategy to adapt.

If you plan to hold virtual events using a virtual conference platform. Worry not, as you will operate using the same nuts and bolts. Plus, the virtual settings do NOT need any major marketing upgrades or adjustments.

As more and more businesses adopt this way of organizing an event. You must remember that a clear message must be present in every event delivery. Setting aside your event’s pain points can affect your marketing plans if not removed.


Reasons why your digital marketing needs a transformation to accelerate

If you are having doubts about accelerating your digital marketing. Here are stats to further understand the need for digital transformation and acceleration.

  • The fact that the majority of 80% of today’s video consumption is video-based. Print media is no longer relevant these days. To attract more customers, video-based marketing materials do wonders to your business. (Think about TikToks and Vlogs)
  • The majority of students never experienced using a stamp for their emails. Thus, it implies that the analogue approach to marketing rarely provides excellent results.
  • Smartphone users cannot live a day without phones. This is how important technology is today. Thus, investment in digital transformation assures success in this digital age.
  • Your competitors, like you, are engaging in digital transformation. By not doing so, your business will fall behind the competition.
  • If you feel like you are too old or not knowledgeable enough of the modern methods. This is the perfect time to update your skills and knowledge.
  • Many marketers saw a boost in revenue as they embraced digital transformation.
  • 2020 and 2021 surveys revealed that digital technology influenced 47% of the business revenue.
  • Many marketers boost their budget for digital transformation as long as it won’t affect their marketing expenses.
  • The world is being invaded by 50% of people below age 30. Meaning, almost everyone is knowledgeable in the digital domain. Thus, businesses should continue to appeal to digitally-minded consumers.


How Cluehub Can Help in Accelerating Brands’ Digital Marketing

Cluehub is a gamification platform created for working remote teams and virtual events. It has ready-to-play and customizable games. This gamification system amplifies the work and gaming experience of players. Thus, it’s highly recommended for team-building activities, especially this difficult times.

Despite the current global condition. Businesses cannot stop their operation and must continue to serve people. No matter what the circumstance, people still manage to adapt to the sudden changes. Remote workers continue to attend online meetings and virtual conferences.

I know for a fact that video conferences can get boring in the long run. Isolation at home affects one’s physical, emotional, and mental health. Suppose employees and customers attend video conferences and virtual events hosted by companies. Adding online escape games as part of the event is a terrific way to ease the adverse effect of isolation. And Cluehub can provide it for you.


Why Choose Cluehub?

  • Cluehub’s online escape games are customizable. It allows you to align the puzzle games with the company’s mission-vision. You can edit the game without the need for any programming skills. Best of all, editing only takes minutes before the game can go live.
  • It can enhance brand visibility through proper engagement. Online escape games also boost brands’ visibility by getting connected to the participants. Their curiosity will push them to learn more about your brand. Likewise, engagement is easy with the customized puzzles related to your brand. Thus, it can be an effective marketing strategy for your brand.
  • Escape game activity melts the monotony with the long hours of sitting in a virtual event. Your participants will not raise their hands when asking questions. But, they will engage in a fascinating game. You and your team can enjoy the experience without feeling bored.
  • Surprise online games keep participants cooperative and attentive. If your team is falling asleep during the event, a surprise online escape game can change the event’s mood. It keeps participants focused on surprise games or scenes.
  • Escape games offer a positive impression on your company. This only means that your business is open to sudden changes and improvement. The game also allows you to showcase your business capabilities. And this is helpful for your company. Especially if you think about adding certain materials or inventory.
  • It is not a secret that many love a good puzzle and solving of a mystery. The joy offered by completing an escape game is an unforgettable experience. Even Gigi Hadid loves escape rooms that inspired her to design activewear!


In Summary

It’s never too late to invest in digital marketing. Especially if it means getting closer and connected with remote customers and prospects. Digital marketing acceleration is a worthwhile investment if aligned with the current trends. Not only to the company’s business goals but to your target consumers’ needs as well.

Getting pumped up to start a video conference with employees to accelerate your digital marketing campaigns? Or do you want to host a virtual event for the company? Contact a Cluehub specialist and turn that tedious, long sitting hours of video conference or make your virtual events into a fun and engaging event worth attending.