5 Crucial Skills Your Employees Can Learn From Virtual Conference Trainings

Mar 2, 2021 | Corporate Training & Onboarding

Even if your employees are working from home, continuous training and development shouldn’t be skipped. The most important time in promoting growth and progress in the company is not next month or next year but today.

This is because the market is evolving, the consumer’s demands are fast-changing and companies have to catch up. And for businesses to succeed, it all starts with honing these 5 crucial skills that can also be learned from virtual conferences.

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What to Consider in a Virtual Training?

In planning for the virtual event that concerns employee skill development, there are some considerations to follow in online event planning. These are:


  •  The primary objective in organizing the virtual conference

For every online conference intended for training and workshops, there has to be a clear and direct objective for your employees to achieve the end goal. For instance, if you want to promote sound collaborative work, you can include online escape rooms as a drill during their breakout sessions.

Showcase the materials that you use to make clay pot lessons fun and easy
  • A well-researched and user-friendly virtual training material.

Well-defined virtual training material will help you and your employees to stay focused on your training objectives. It makes content delivery easier and easy to understand. Best of all, it allows your employees to explore further because they have a better grasp of the topics.


  • Accessibility to virtual event software to be used.

What’s not to take for granted in virtual events is the accessibility to virtual and hybrid software used in online training, especially that most employees are at home or overseas. Before making a final decision on what’s the best online platform for events to use, it’s best to make a survey on what works well with your participants in terms of connectivity and device usability.

Plus, it helps you identify how many of your employees can maximize the full potential of the virtual event platform to be used.


  • Length of the online session.

How long will the virtual event run? The length of your virtual training can affect the audience engagement and the event experience. As much as possible, keep the digital event short but meaningful.

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Crucial Skills Employees Can Learn from Virtual Conference Platforms


1. Adaptability and Flexibility

Adaptability and flexibility is a skill that can become a personal trait. It’s an important skill because it allows you to accomplish tasks regardless of the situation you’re in. Ever since the pandemic hit the entire world, a lot of people who are not usually technically inclined were forced to learn and use virtual platforms to perform their job.

The more employees get exposed to using software and platforms that allow them to produce an output, the more they become adaptable and flexible to any technological upgrades that your company will undertake in the future.


2. Strong Communication Skills

Through virtual conference platforms, the event becomes a training ground for developing strong communication skills among the employees. The breakout sessions allow the employee to communicate, especially when a task is given during the training.

online seminars, virtual fairs, network training, and tradeshows an outstanding experience

Collaborative work takes place whenever employees face challenges and the exchange of thoughts and ideas to arrive at a consensus encourages more opportunities to do collaborative tasks outside the virtual training.


3. Organizational Skills

Having strong organizational skills can lead a person to the higher steps of his/her career. Though most business operations are now automated, having a strong organizational skill is still a must because it allows a person to perform and complete tasks regardless of the time limit and the difficulty.

An excellent example to hone the organizational skills of the employees is through online escape games, where employees are put in teams to complete an important task that can save the world. These teams have to solve various problems/cases while competing against time to complete the game.

It’s a highly recommended virtual training for B2B and B2C in honing the organizational and problem-solving skills of the employees. This is because the teams will face unexpected twists and turn over the course of completing the game.


4. Lifelong Learning Development

Even though employees had finished their studies, getting ahead in the industry requires constant learning. A carefully planned virtual event designed to meet the demands of the market is essential if you want to promote lifelong learning development among your employees. Not only that it supports the skill growth of your employees, but your company also benefits from the fresh ideas that the trained personnel contribute.

Online onboarding through virtual onboarding games

5. Efficient Researching Skills

Advanced but efficient research skills are a hard skill that is rare to come by. It is an important asset that provides a steady direction to companies in achieving their business goals. Virtual conferences that promote the development of such hard skills enable employees to become keen and objective in developing ideas.

Through advanced and efficient research skills, employees can aid the company in navigating the stream of the volatile market smoothly and cautiously.



Virtual Conference Platform FAQs


Is a virtual conference platform the best platform to host virtual training?

Here are some FAQs to help you decide.


What is a Virtual Meeting Platform?

A virtual meeting platform is a software-based system that has insightful and unique features that makes it a dependable system for desktop sharing, video conferencing, streamlined messaging, and a convenient sign-on button.


How does Virtual Conference Work?

A virtual conference platform works the same as a live conference. The same thing goes with the base experience. Yet, the virtual conference has more reach because anyone around the world can attend as long as they have the access link to enter the virtual conference room.


How much does a virtual event platform cost?

The pricing of a virtual event platform depends on the features it offers. Some companies offer a cloud-based system, where it allows you to process and manage online events on a network of remote servers rather than on personal computers.

Other companies offer a software-based system that is too dependent on computer hardware. Selected employees need to run this software, which affects operational cost if you’ll be hosting a big event. If you encounter a computer hardware problem, you’ll need to reinstall it or reactivate the license keys.

If you’ll transfer most of your live events such as conferences or summits to event platforms, expect to spend between $15,000 to $100,000. The best thing about it is that you’ll get all the necessary preparations needed for your event in one place. Plus, you’ll have a bigger attendee engagement than the usual live event.


What is the best virtual conference platform?

If you want a virtual conference platform with exclusivity and full control in designing the platform to align with your conference objective, Cluehub is the best choice for remote team-building events, training, and fairs. It’s a gamification platform with features of a virtual conference platform in one.

Cluetivity is another platform worth considering because it uses augmented reality interaction and minigames to engage users. It breaks the traditional live event programs with minigames that you can customize to suit your training objective. Not only that it makes training and skill development highly engaging, but it also provides entertainment.



Virtual Training Wrap-up

Now that you’ve got everything you need for your virtual event training, it’s time to contact the best virtual event platform that is easy to use for your video meetings and training. Make sure that this platform has an active support team and networking features that make online event management easy and effective.


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