4 Gamification Software Proven to Boost Engagement

May 5, 2021 | Company Events, Corporate Training & Onboarding, Gamification, Team Building, Team Management

Boosting customer engagement and retaining their loyalty are hurdles that every business must overcome to remain in the market. And since most of the clientele are digitally enabled, it takes a lot of work and convincing to make them avail a business’ product or services.

This article will tackle the best technology to boost customer engagement and identify other gamification software suited for the targeted use. Consequently, the following topics are the main focus of this latest instalment:

What is gamification software?

Every business has existing technology used to deal with its operations, sales, and marketing. Yet, it makes it more exciting and more efficient to use when integrated with gamification software.

Gamification software is a system that follows the mechanics of a game. The system can be customised and used to integrate with a business’ employee engagement, productivity, and training strategies. Furthermore, the system also enables the user to improve sales and marketing campaigns and enhance customer experience.

Some gamification software facts and statistics are worth checking out to get a better view of how this gamification software can improve business operations and sales and marketing efforts.



Interesting Facts and Statistics about Gamification Software

  • Based on the recent research of Orbisresearch, the gamification industry is growing exponentially by 30% between 2019 and 2025. By the end of 2025, it estimates to reach $32 billion.
  • Gamification software that offers rewards and badges boosts the confidence of the users. In addition, some software has rewards and badge features that the users can display in their business network or social media platforms.
  • Sales gamification software allows users to track their performance and get encouraged to perform well with its ranking system. In addition, it gives excitement and fulfilment to users because they can get to see how many tasks are needed to complete to reach the goal.
  • Gamification software also has reporting and analytics features that help the management measure the employees’ and customers’ engagement through training effectiveness.
  • Other gamification software comes up with social media newsfeed that improves communication and fosters friendly competition among institutions.
  • A Medium study revealed that gamification boosts 90% of employees’ productivity when they use gamification software. In addition, it encourages the employees to work better and wiser because of the reward and recognition they’ll receive upon completion of a business goal.
  • Gamification software enables marketers to capture the attention of their target customers. Businesses can incorporate the system in the marketing materials used to reach out to their prospects.
  • According to the study of Optinmonster, the gamification system increases the browsing time of the customers on the website by 30%, which is enough to introduce what the business is all about.
  • Gamification software is also beneficial in learning as it can boost the learning experience and effectiveness by 60%, as revealed by a study in the Training Journal.



So what is the gamification software worth integrating into your business to boost customer engagement, harness long-term relationships with new customers and prospects, and increase sales? These are:

Four (4) Gamification Software for Targeted Use

Gamification software is classified according to use, fulfillment and the following are some of the popular gamification software used worldwide.


1. Customer Loyalty Gamification Software

Gamify means “to make something engaging and addictive” and apply it to ordinary things. So, for example, when gamification is applied to loyalty programs that businesses provide to their customers as part of their reward system, it entices customers to keep coming back.

According to Snip, customer engagement tends to rise by 47%, brand loyalty by 22% and brand awareness by 15% when gamified solutions are incorporated into brands. Another study also revealed that more than two-thirds of brands from the top 2000 companies adapted the gamification system into their business operations, sales, and marketing campaigns.

And here are the five key steps on how businesses can also take advantage of the gamified loyalty programs.

  • Identify the behaviour that a brand wants to inspire
  • Create a storyline
  • Help customers track their progress
  • Utilise social media reach and influence
  • Optimise the functionality of the loyalty program in mobile

2. E-Learning Gamification Software

Combining gamification and learning can stimulate the child and the adult’s brain. In various studies, gamification is viewed as the most efficient and effective system to promote learning. It makes a person more receptive to absorbing more knowledge, especially that most learners are audio-visual learners.

Gamification is effective in this generation because the batch of workers of today are primarily millennials. This generation grew up in the age of computers and video games. That’s why the millennials are the most adaptive because they grew up in the transition process from manual to automatic, from printed copy to digital copy. In fact, the Training Journal study presented that a 60% boost is with gamification in learning processes.


3. Employee Engagement Gamification Software

Employee engagement gamification software can help businesses track metrics among their employees. The best way to do it are the following:

  • Organising a friendly competition
  • Rewarding people who met certain goals
  • Giving recognition to top success drivers
  • Monitor user engagement


Gamifying employee engagement can increase the employees’ satisfaction which retains asset employees and drive business growth. It also complements the data collection and metric monitoring system because the important measures are identified, and each business goal is met.

Gamifying employee metrics pose a lot of benefits such as:

  • Staying on track with business KPIs
  • It makes data collection enjoyable
  • Promotes collaboration
  • Employees were recognised and appreciated for their efforts.
  • It helps management identifies the soft spots of the business and strengthen them.
  • Monitor different KPIs of various teams.

4. Performance Management Gamification Software

Studies revealed there are two ways to encourage a person to act. That’s through intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is about giving a person a sense of fulfilment or satisfaction when goals are met. On the other hand, extrinsic motivation refers to the material things given to individuals to symbolise their accomplishments.



In terms of gamifying performance management, the system relieves employees from the boredom and stagnancy of the everyday work routine while making work exciting and self-fulfilling. In addition, it applies psychology to keep employees motivated to perform to reach targeted business goals.

Gamifying your Business with Cluehub

As a branch of one of the pioneers in the gamification industry, Cluehub focuses on team building, training efficiency, and boosting marketing campaigns. Its pre-defined escape game puzzles provide entertainment and education while nurturing societal values.

Businesses can run exciting remote team building events, meetings, fairs and training with Cluehub’s gamification system. It can cater to more than 1.000.000 players simultaneously and doesn’t require programming skills to custom design the gamification software for the intended use.



The gamification it offers is open for direct and subscription, allowing corporate escape game enthusiasts and business owners to introduce escape game in their virtual business of choice. To experience the gamification solution offered to adults of different sectors and needs, interested parties can request a demo play with a Cluehub expert.